Deer Antler Velvet –Who Can Benefit?

antler farmsThere are many benefits to deer antler velvet that have been found since the 1930’s when papers were produced.  The biochemical effects have been amazing for young and old, athletes or the sick. In the 1960’s, Russian body builders claimed they received a great deal of benefit from this product for strength and endurance.

The young can benefit from the natural aptogen with increased blood supply and circulation.  This is needed for the rigorous training routines so the practice sessions can be more intense and last longer.  The harder the work out is, the better the performance will be.  Not only has both male and female athletes gained benefit from deer antler spray, but they report more agility and elasticity in their muscles.  The compounds are natural and give such benefits as improved muscle and bone health.  Some have reported enhanced sexual performance also which benefits people of any age.

This natural supplement has the following nutrients:  minerals, proteins, amino acids, growth factors, lipids and trace elements of cobalt, selenium, zinc and copper.  Collecting deer antler velvet to preserve these nutrients is a delicate and humane process.  It is accomplished in a small surgical suite with the male deer (buck) anesthetized.  The makers of prime quality deer antler products remove the antler 55-65 days into their growing season each summer.   The antler is growing about ¼ inch/day during this time with the essential nutrients plentiful.  The antlers are removed surgically.  Remember, the deer would lose his antlers naturally in just a few months anyway as they grow new antlers each spring.  Interestingly, the soft hair-like layer that we see on the outside of the antlers is actually not used in deer antler velvet pharmaceuticals. The spongy antler underneath from the base to the tip is the part that can be used.

Other than athletes, the ill or elderly have also gained benefit from its powers.   It helps their joints stay flexible and firms up their bones.  Antler Farms deer antler velvet promotes overall health rather than just targeting one area.  It has even been known to help reduce the feeling of mental stress along with physical stress on the body.  Improving mental health is certainly a goal of all – men and women, young and elderly.

One more attribute is its ability to help protect the immune system.  With deer antler velvet extract products, one spends less time sick.  In the event one does get ill, recovery is quicker with this added fighting power to help out the body’s natural defenses.  It helps the body heal better by reducing toxins, degeneration and reducing or alleviating aches and pains.

Deer antler velvet appears to be a good choice for anyone.  There is no specific category that is better than another.  It is a win-win for all.  Whether you are preparing for a marathon or want to build muscle fast, or if you need your own natural defenses fortified, don’t hesitate to give Antler Farms deer antler spray a try.