Custom made workstations

car-pcWith the passage of time and developments in technology, computers are getting more than powerful ever before. Workstations are getting more and more popular in professional field over ordinary computer systems. With enhance performance, increased speed and reliability, faster processing, better display and more memory storage,workstations are the best choice when you require special graphic effects, picture editing, large data management, CAD/CAM applications etc. Now-a-days custom made workstations are available in the market for communication, research, medical, engineering and lot many other departments. They assure you quality performance and great job assistance.

Some of the attractive features of a workstation over a general purpose computer:

1) It is faster. It  can perform the calculations at much faster rate than common computers

2) It is specifically designed for your field to make your processing and data storing work quiet easier.

3) It is  specially designed to cope up with heavy data and heavy softwares

4) It has large memory storage capacity

5) Very High resolution screen compatible with complex graphics

Ikbenstil is a leading name in custom made work stations manufacturers. Great machines having compact design and silent operation, they have an ultimate computer solution for your different types of requirements. Custom made Trading PC and Car PC are the two among the various specialized PC systems being offered by the Ikbenstil. In this article we are going to discuss some of the key features of these workstations.

Ikbenstil Car PC is a great workstation to install in you car. You can enjoy your favorite music, use internet, play videos and listen to radio stations. You can also play your favorite video games for passing your leisure time. Loaded with the accurate navigation system, you are always on the right track on your journey. The smart GPS system makes your car in reach always. You can fetch very useful real time data like speed, tyre pressure, fuel status etc in to your PC system and analyze it using auto diagnosis function. This would help a lot in maintaining your car state.  You can also make calls and send messages through your car PC by using Bluetooth.

Ikbenstil trading PC can be of great help to your business. With great processing power, analytical functions and multi monitor feature, it can really change the way of your business. The secret of success of trading PC depends upon the reliability and adaptability to support multiple screens at a time, which are already incorporated in the Ikbenstil trading PC.

Ikbenstil workstations are a mush have thing for every serious professional. It also provides the operating systems services for the custom made workstations.