Comfort Lining Thermal Denture Adhesive

comfortliningDentures can be tricky to maintain, especially when you have to do a lot of talking. With other dental adhesive brands, applying it can be tricky in itself. Plus the long line of sticky adhesive is less than appealing. When trying to take the adhesive off there is often a residue left behind and it gets stuck in the toothbrush. However, with today’s technology comes a new type of dental adhesive, Comfort Lining.

Comfort Lining is a thermoplastic denture adhesive, which is a spinoff of the late Cushion Grip thermoplastic denture adhesive which has been discontinued. Comfort Lining is a new type of adhesive, but works better than the basic adhesive. With Comfort Lining application is easy and can be done in under two minutes.

Comfort Lining EX

Comfort Lining EX is the extra strength version of the already wonderful product of Comfort Lining. This is perfect for those who need to keep their teeth in for long periods of time. For example, on a vacation or things of that nature. You would also need to apply less of the product, but still receive amazing results.

How to Apply

In order to apply Comfort Lining you must first microwave a half cup of water for two minutes. Then you heat the comfort lining for five minutes before applying to dentures.Place the product on the arch of the dentures, and then rub the product all over the base of the dentures with your finger. After the first coat dries, you can then add a second layer for further protection. That’s it! Simply heat the material up, rub it on the dentures, and you’re good to go with much less of a mess than other brands.

The Cost

Although the cost may seem a little steep at $25 for one ounce, keep in mind the product lasts a much longer time than brands like Poligrip because much less is used for an application, and the product lasts longer when applied to the dentures. Meaning you don’t have to take mid-dinner trips to the bathroom anymore to fix your teeth! The good thing about this offer is that it does in fact come with free shipping. Comfort Lining EX, on the other hand, requires you pay an extra $5. So this would be $30 per tube. However, this is not a big cost difference to receive extra strength and make the product go a little longer way than the original.

Bundle Savings

If you would rather stock up on the product instead of purchasing one tube at a time for $25 there is another option which is the six bulk purchase. This includes six tubes for the price of $125. This means a savings of $25 which is one tube completely free, and also free shipping. So in total this could be a savings of about $35 with shipping depending on where you live.  The downside is as of right now there is no bundle for the extra strength tubes, but there will be soon. Visit for more information.