Cash 1 Is A Scam – Causing Negative Bank Accounts

When you need a Payday loan, there are many different companies that can provide you with one. One of them is Cash 1. And, just like some of them, they are a scam. There’s no other word that can describe their business. They are simply robbing people, in one of the worst periods of their life. When they needed someone who could help them, Cash 1 appears to take them their last penny.

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But what do they do exactly?

Well, once you start your application on their website, they will give you a call. They will tell you that your loan was approved. However, in order for it to be available in a day or two, you need to pay a fee. The fee is usually proportional to the amount of the loan. It tends to be about 10% to 20%, on average. They can say that they just can’t transfer the money through the Western Union until you pay that fee. However, they don’t call it a fee. They say that it’s your state that is demanding for the tax payment referent to the loan. So, let’s say that you just got your $1,000 loan approved. The first call they make to you is to ask for the fee. So, since you’re so desperate to get the money, you’ll say yes, that you will take care of it right away.

And now you’re thinking that you already took care of everything and that you should be about to get your loan money. However, they attack again. They say another lie and they start asking for your bank account, account number, and even your online banking username and password. Even if you didn’t suspect of anything before, this is when you should already see a gigantic red flag. Unfortunately, many people don’t see it. So, they just provide them with all the information they ask. From this moment on, you only have 1 solution: immediately contact your bank and change your login details.

The problem is that many people only realize about this at a later stage. And until you do, they continue taking all your money. They will ask for other details like your Bank wire number because the bank is having problems transferring the money, among so many other things. The fact is that they keep increasing the amount they’re asking because this is already giving them a lot of problems.

Many people saw their bank accounts get closed because they had a negative balance. Others paid a fortune (sometimes the same amount of the loan or even more) or better said, got robbed.

Make sure that you never ask for a loan at Cash 1. They are a simple scan that is fooling a lot of people. Visit for more information.