Baby Steps: How To Name Your Newborn

babyDuring the exciting months of your pregnancy you will probably spend a long time contemplating your future child’s name. In 2013 just under 38,000 babies were born in Singapore and every single one of these children were totally unique and individual. It is therefore totally understandable that you will want to find a name for your baby that is exceptional, distinctive and, most importantly of all, acceptable to both parents!

If you don’t know where to start, check out our handy hints and tips that have been designed for parents-to-be who are wondering how to name a baby.

Step One: Consider the letter that you would like to commence the name.

  • Draw up an alphabet on a piece of paper and methodically cross out any letters that you do not want to use as the first letter in your baby’s name.
  • Consider the letters that you are most interested in. Is there a particular letter that is common throughout your family history? Is there a tradition that you want to uphold or do you want to avoid certain letters because they are so common in your family? For example, you may want to consider the fact that if you already have a J Brown in your family you may cause confusion further down the line if another J Brown pops up in the form of your newborn.
  • Are there any cultural traditions that you want to follow? In some countries it is normal for parents to use certain letters of the alphabet for auspicious reasons.
  • Are there any particular letters that, when combined with your surname, will produce less than desirable names? E.g. If your last name is Hallow you may wish to avoid the letter S for the first name.

Step Two: Research names

Once you have narrowed down a list of letters with which you would like to start your babies name. you can start to research names that start with that letter.

  • Find a comprehensive list of baby’s names, a baby naming book or an online naming resource and read through the names provided for each letter. Make a note of any names that you like.
  • If you are going to be giving you baby a second name make sure that you write a separate list for the first and second names.
  • Keep reviewing your list on a regular basis and gradually remove any names that don’t instantly appeal to you.
  • Say the names aloud, together with your second name to hear how they will sound. If they are awkward to pronounce or produce any slightly odd names when the first and second names are combined then avoid them.
  • Consider what the child’s initials will be if you select a combination of first and second names. This is especially important if you use names that start with a vowel, e.g. Oliver David Demsey.
  • Be conscious of the fact that any unusual names may mean that your child will be destined to spell their name out whenever they meet new people. Although this may not bother you, will it be a source of major annoyance for your child in years to come?
  • Consider the shortened version of the name. Do you like it? In this day and age almost every child will be given a shortened version of their name by their peers and if there are some names that you cannot stand, then don’t take any chances.
  • How popular is the first name? Check out our lists of popular Singapore boy’s names and girl’s names for lists of some of the most common names in Singapore.

Step Three: Narrow the list down

Over the next few weeks keep visiting your list and gradually narrow it down. It is natural to change your perception of a name during your pregnancy and it’s the ones that maintain their appeal that you’re interested in.

Step Four: Take a break

Once you have a list of ten or less suitable names take a couple of weeks break from the process. This will give you chance to see the names again in a fresh light.

Repeat steps three and four until you have one clear winner or one or two options. You may want to wait until your baby is born and you meet your bundle of joy to choose to select which name really does suit them the most. Please visit Singapore Baby to learn more.