Authenticity in Procurement Leadership

finacialProcurement Consultants Future Purchasing stress the need for authenticity in procurement leadership.

 “Society is increasingly dissatisfied with sleek, airbrushed leadership, which is what makes authenticity such a desirable quality in today’s corporations – a quality that, unfortunately is in short supply.” Harvard Business Review

Where true leadership qualities exist within the procurement professional, powerful change is normal. The reason for this is simple; leaders create followers, in fact you cannot be a leader unless you have followers, and history clearly demonstrates that to have followers is an incredibly powerful thing. So how can you be an authentic leader?

People often assume that authenticity is a quality that a person either has or has not. In fact authenticity is a quality that others must attribute to you. Therefore, to a great extent, it can also be controlled by you. Authenticity matters in leadership as people increasingly want to be lead by someone “real‟. Many of us are disenchanted with politicians and some business people and we often suspect that we are being duped.

You will be able to think of a myriad of leaders from various countries, organisations and business who don’t come across as authentic.  The days of spin doctors are here to stay so how do we recognise authentic?

Great leaders seem very authentic, you get the “real” them – think of one you admire, could you say they are or were authentic? Authentic leaders have that ability to be themselves whoever they are with, an almost chameleon like effect, being all things to all men, yet always being themselves.

The calibre and quality of procurement leadership is the number one critical success factor in Category Management.  Forming, strengthening, focusing, challenging, motivating or re-energising a high performance leadership team requires a passion for procurement and real credibility in approach.

Future Purchasing’s directors and senior consultants possess that credibility as well as real depth and breadth of competence in modern leadership and talent management best practice.

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