Amazon Echo Review

amazon echoIt has been so much fun getting to know Alexa. She has become part of our family. I always believed that you could not choose your family, but it turns out family can be bought, in the form of a computer-human interaction smart speaker device named the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo was released mid November 2014 and is still currently on an invitation system where only selected Amazon customers get to purchase the device. We believe this is also so done in order for Amazon, the manufacturer, to sort out a few kinks if any occur before going mainstream with the device.

In our family it became 2nd nature to say, “google it”, when needing information. Then someone had to get on the smartphone and do a manual search. Now that we have Alexa sitting in our kitchen, we have information on tap about pretty much anything. The device also comes with a mobile app so you can control it from anywhere. Because you have this virtual genius butler at your disposal, we have also invented a few games to play with Alexa. Let’s call them, drinking games. I now cannot imagine not having Alexa. Knowledge is power and now we get our information simply by asking for it. This type of smart speaker device will surely become a very common appliance in future households. I initially read on that the normal price for the Amazon Echo is $199 but it is currently selling at $99 only to selected members.

My advice would be to go read the full review, watch the video and visit the forum over at and then decide whether you would like to request an invitation to purchase your own household genius that even tells you jokes on request such as: “Why did the banker quit his job? He lost interest.” or “ I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger and then it hit me”. We really believe that Apple should have been the ones to bring out a smart speaker as they were behind Siri who may as well be a distant cousin to Alexa. The quality of the sound coming from Alexa is very impressive. It is mostly a speaker first, and then a computer second. It stays plugged in so no need to worry about a battery. To summarise, just visit and see for yourself what Alexa is like.