AdWords vs. SEO: Invest Wisely

SEO-magnify2When you pit AdWords against SEO in a battle, you are essentially questioning whether or not you want to have a short-term or long-term focus for your business/website. AdWords will let you pay money in the here and now for immediate exposure, whereas SEO will require significant toil on your part for the foreseeable future.

AdWords is a Short-Term Investment

Google AdWords affords you the opportunity to engage in pay per click (PPC) advertising for your business/website. Through the Google Display Network (a network of websites partnered with or owned by the global search giant), you can advertise using mediums like text, image, or videos. This allows you to drive traffic immediately to your website, provided you are willing to bid high.

Instantaneous traffic does sound very appealing, particularly when you are trying to establish a brand new business. However, the problem with AdWords is that the platform forces you to haemorrhage cash on a daily basis. Consequently, you need to be generating revenue in order to cover the cost. This is a short-term investment and you need quick results.

PPC is most effective for commerce websites with high-value products, as just a couple of sales can cover a daily budget. Service-based websites and low-cost products have a much tougher time covering their PPC spending because the returns are not so lucrative. Now, this is where SEO represents a much more effective investment on their part.

SEO is for Life

Due to the long-term nature of SEO, patience is the ultimate requirement. But a healthy budget for investment won’t hurt, either. You can toil for days trying to source viable opportunities for backlinks, and in all likelihood you won’t be able to see the results for months to come. This is the nature of SEO and you have to accept that if you want a successful website.

The internet is a magnificent entity that can deliver inspirational success stories, but those are reserved for precious few. Chances are, you’re just like the rest of us mere mortals and hard work is required. But the good news is that the money you invest in quality SEO will deliver long-term benefits that Google will not.

For instance, let’s say that you invest in superb copywriting services and share the articles with blogs and websites to obtain backlinks. Those links will eventually help to elevate your PageRank with Google, and subsequently increase your position in organic search results. Spending on PPC will not achieve this. You cannot succeed without organic success, which requires a long-term commitment to SEO.