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addiction help hotline

Drug addiction has rocked the world in recent times and the death rate due to drug consumption has increased to an alarming level. Every day someone falls a victim to this lucrative yet painful death and still more and more people are falling for drugs and alcohol. The drug usage has dramatically increased in the last few years and the most effected age group is teens and young generation. In US alone, the percentage of drug consumption amongst teens and young people have sky rocketed.

Nearly everybody knows the fatal affects of the drugs but still people don’t hesitate to consume them, people need proper guidance and awareness to get rid of it. Addiction is basically a psychological where an individual has an iterative desire to consume the drugs, the worst and strange part is the addict consumes the drugs even after having knowledge of the consequences he/she might face.

Alcohol and drug addiction can cause liver failure, cancer and heart strokes. In females, it can cause damage to the developing fetus or may intoxicate the ovary. Excessive usage of alcohol can cause brain disorder or may completely damage the brain.

The biggest and most important hurdle is to stop the addicts from consuming more drugs, it takes a lot of effort and time to bring back an addict to normal life. The society is actively taking measures to facilitate drug addicts to bring them back to normal and healthy lives. The Addiction Hotline is one of the very active participants in helping individuals and families to help them with their loved ones who have fallen a victim to this deadly habit. If you need any kind of help or assistance related to Addiction treatment then the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hotline is just a call away, the hotline service provides expert advice and assistance for rehabilitation program and process.

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