A Place to Store Your Gun

gun safeA gun can either be your best protection against intruders, or your “ticket out of here”, if you get my drift. It is important that you purchase an impregnable gun safe that no one can get into – the last thing you would want is your children playing with a loaded pistol, mistaken it for a telescope, and “bang!” your home is the next big story to hit the news stations since the dog that saved a kid from a burning home.

Gun safes are large metal containers with locks that are incredibly heavy, so no one can move them without assistance (thieves will not waste time to attract unwanted attention). If a fire burns or a flood ravages your home, you can count on a gun safe with its drill-resistant steeled walls and doors to protect against quagmire environmental effects. Check out some gun safe reviews here: http://www.jacksbestgunsafes.com/gun-safe-reviews/

The first of the gun safes to choose from are safes that are for long guns. Long gun safes are tall safes that are used to store both shotguns and rifles. They’re the type of safes that measure up to sixty inches in height and can store up to ten rifles or shotguns.

The steel safe contains shelves to hold bullets and spare parts, along with barrel rests and standoffs. In order to keep gun barrels in pristine condition, while reducing the chance for scratching, the safes contain a foam padded bottom.

The second gun safes are those for handguns. A handgun safe is much smaller than long gun safes, as they’re about the size of a briefcase. Since they’re the small they are also portable allowing it to be travel convenient. Though, the drawback of handgun safes is that they can only carry one gun.

If you’re looking to store more than one small gun then it will be a great idea to purchase a larger handgun safe that can hold several guns on the shelves. The larger handgun safes are about the size of a milk crate, and can be used as consoles in vehicles.

The third gun safes are multi-use gun safes. Unlike the other two safes mentioned, this safe has multiple padded shelves that have the capacity to hold jewelry, important documents, handguns and long guns. The safes are convenient in that they contain shelves, drawers, and hooks to hold various items such as bags and clothing.