3 Telephone System Features Your Business Needs

Telephone technology keeps evolving each day so it’s important that your business has the best telephone system. We saw the changes from landline to mobile, from traditional phones to VoIP.

In your business, phones still represent an important part. After all, this is how you communicate with your clients, suppliers, employees, investors, and all the other people who may have been involved with your business, one way or the other.

So, here are the 3 features that a telephone system needs to have:

#1: Forward Your Calls To Any Device With “Find Me, Follow Me”:

You already know and use the technology when you happen to receive an email. You can actually open and read it from your office computer, home computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other device that has access to the Internet. And the “Find Me, Follow Me” (FMFM) technology works the exact same way but with phone calls, in a sense like the Panasonic IP PBX System.

You never know when you’re going to receive a call. So, it’s important to set the rules for the FMFM. You may want that all the business phones to ring, or you may want that only the phone of your office to ring. In case you don’t pick it up, it will then ring your smartphone. In case you don’t take the call, maybe your secretary’s phone. If she doesn’t answer it as well, maybe it can then go to voicemail.

#2: Voicemail Transcriptions:

When you have a small business and it just happens that you spend a lot of time on the phone, chances are that you get a lot of voicemails. One of the problems with voicemails is that they just take too time for you to listen to each one of the messages people left you. So, at this moment, Avaya Telephone System already include a feature that allows you to overcome this problem – voicemail transcriptions. Instead of wasting time and going from one message to the other, you can simply read all the messages directly on your email. Plus, they will also include the audio file in case you need it.

#3: Add As Many Extensions You Need:

When your current network only has 15 lines but you need the 16th line for your business office, you will need a new physical line. This is not only very inconvenient as it can become pretty expensive as well.

With the IP Telephony Solutions, you can virtually have as many phones as you want because VoIP phones are directly connected to computer networks. Your only limitation in adding more phones will only be with the bandwidth that you have. However, and even if you reach this limit, you can simply pay for more. In most cases, this won’t even involve doing any changes in the physical hardware. Please visit www.vectordigitals.net for more information.