History of Russia Invading Ukraine

shot down

November 1917 Bolshevik forces backed by Soviets (Russians) invaded Ukraine. This was the beginning of Vladimir Lenin’s plan to take over the World. Most of Europe was involved with fighting World War One. After the end of The War to End All Wars was finished, the next takeover of Europe was started.

The League of Nations was started in the hopes of stopping the next war, and failed. Soviet Troops slowly advanced west. Germany and the Soviet Union had a nonaggression treaty, which was on paper only. Neither Hitler nor Stalin trusted each other. After World War Two the Soviet Union invaded its neighbors and spread it influence around the World. A lot of words and little action by the United States did not deter the spread of Communism.

Our Military fought in Korea and in Vietnam and defeated Chinese and Soviet backed forces. Our Politicians squandered those victories. By the summer of 1989 the Soviet Union was having economic difficulties and the Soviet Union dissolved physically. In the minds of some, Communism still lived. Russia kept its interest in the Middle East supplying weapons used against Israel. During the First Gulf War our Military fought against Iraqi Troops armed with Russian weapons.

In the halls of the United Nations, Russia opposed us on every issue. Russia has armed and trained our current enemy the Islamist Terrorists. Russia is back in Ukraine backing antigovernment forces, supplying training, weapons and troops. Vladimir Putin denies any roll in shooting down aircraft, including a passenger plane.

Barack Obama, just like Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter, Russian aggression is ignored. Joseph Stalin is number two on the list of killing the most people. Mao Zedong is number one, Adolf Hitler is number three. Stalin killed over 7 million Ukrainians.  Will Putin do the same? Look at the fallout from the MH17 plane downing as described on Wounded American Warrior

Just like 1917 we are tired of war. We have a President who likes to talk, but not use actions to stop a problem. The United Nations like the League of Nations is not doing anything to stop Russia. Is history going to repeat itself and will 7 million more Ukrainians die?  Do we send Troops to Ukraine?  Do we sell arms to Ukraine?  Is this the start of a second war?

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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Writing Product Review

ReviewThe importance of product reviews have been on a constant rise, people keen to invest money on products want to know maximum about the product before they make a purchase and people prefer product reviews over company sales pages and advertisement. Here are the few important things you should avoid while writing a product review.

Never Brag About The Product:

One of the biggest mistake you can make is writing unnaturally and biased. People hunt for the honest product reviews and you should write the review with the reader’s point of view in mind.

Avoid Selling Tone:

A reader always wants to know about the products, a good product review always describes the product. If you’ll adopt a selling tone, chances are that reader might think of it as an unnatural one and may not continue reading it.

Never Skip a Single Detail:

Often people skip minute details while writing the review, the few small things make big differences. You may never know what specific requirement or detail the reader is looking for, so it Is advised not to skip any detail. If you are too lazy to write every detail, you may choose to add rating system in the review.

Skipping Personal Experience:

Would you believe a company’s out-of-the-world claims or would you prefer the get information of someone’s personal experience with that product? Obviously you would listen to one who has experienced it. The inclusion of personal experience is difference between a good review and bad review. Readers will consider a review more authentic if you share your personal experience.


There are a hundreds of product reviews about the same product on the internet and chances are that your review might end up in the very bottom of the stack if you have not put something unique and little known about the product. An imitation of already written review will only kill your chances. Try to develop a unique style.

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A Perfect Caribbean Wedding

wedding day sparklersRather than having their wedding close to home, many couples opt to travel to a far off location to make their wedding as unique and memorable as possible. Though some couples choose to go to a romantic location such as France or Italy, most couples choose somewhere tropical like the Caribbean where they can have a beach wedding. Planning a perfect Caribbean wedding can seem like a tough job, but with all the natural beauty on the islands it can actually be quite simple. On top of that, most of the resorts on the islands are familiar with hosting weddings because many couples choose to do the same thing. This means that you can get a great wedding with minimal effort by enlisting the help of a resort, but there are a few things that you will want to consider.

Destination Wedding or Eloping

There are two main ways to go about having your Caribbean wedding; either eloping or hosting a destination wedding. If you choose a destination wedding, you’ll need to invite your close friends and family to come to the Caribbean with you for a small ceremony. If you choose to elope, you leave as a couple unannounced and have your ceremony in private. Whatever you choose, it will greatly impact what you need to do to prepare for your wedding.

Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

Some people prefer having their wedding indoors, while others prefer the idea of being outside. The benefit of having an indoor wedding is that you don’t need to worry about things like wind and thunderstorms ruining your big day. On the other hand, having your wedding outdoors allows you to see all the natural beauty on the Caribbean beaches and enables you to use things like sparklers that you can’t use indoors. Though the choice is ultimately yours, it just seems like a waste to not utilize all the natural beauty found along the beaches.

Time of Year

Though most of the islands in the Caribbean such as Jamaica or the Bahamas are gorgeous all year long, there is one time of year that may be a little risky to plan your wedding; hurricane season. Each year from June 1st to November 30th, the Caribbean is in its hurricane season. While that doesn’t mean you are destined for terrible weather, it does mean that the chance of showing up on your island to a terrible storm is very real. Though your chances are good that there isn’t going to be a storm, it’s still a risk and should be considered carefully.

Which Island

With so many great islands in the Caribbean, you really need to do your homework to see which one you like best. I usually recommend going to a couple of travel sites to look at some of the nearby attractions to see what works best for you. For instance, certain islands in the Bahamas will be better for snorkeling while others will be better for their beaches. It’s up to you what you want out of your Caribbean adventure, but there are plenty of websites to offer the information needed to make an informed decision.

American Wedding Traditions

wedding-ringJust like the vast majority of countries throughout the world, the United States has many wedding traditions that are unique to our country. Though America shares many of the same classic traditions that are found everywhere else, much of the time there is a unique flavor added that can’t be seen anywhere else. On the flipside, since we have the most diverse collection of cultures on the planet, you will see traditions from other countries occurring at wedding ceremonies here in America. Nevertheless, the vast majority of American weddings have a style all their own and utilize traditions that make them uniquely American. Below, we will discuss some of these American wedding traditions to give everyone a better understanding of what to expect at a ceremony.


Getting engaged is a tradition that dates back for centuries, and it is almost always part of the marriage process in America. Traditionally, the man will get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage, then slip a gold diamond ring on here finger as a symbol of their love. Though this is still typically the case, some couples prefer rubies or other gemstones to diamonds or platinum instead of gold.


One of the more unique things that we do in America and not in many other countries throughout the world is our wedding invitation system. Most couples send out a “save the date” postcard well in advance of their invitations, and then send the actual invitations a few months before the wedding date with an RSVP card to return. Guests are expected to return their RSVP card whether or not they plan to attend, but many guests will simply not send the card back at all.

Rehearsal Dinner

Having a rehearsal dinner is a key part of any American wedding ceremony. Though it is common sense to get together the day before the wedding to go through the motions and ensure it will all go smoothly, getting your bridal party and family together for a group meeting before the big day has become a tradition. The wedding day is very busy, so taking a moment to share with your closest friends and family is also a welcome idea.

Not Seeing the Bride

Though it may be superstitious, many couples in America observe the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony. While most couples don’t actually believe this would lead to bad luck, most of those same couples will still practice this tradition.


Many countries include something similar to a wedding reception after their ceremonies to celebrate the union of two people, but America has its own set of traditions at this type of event. Usually guests will be greeted with some sort of small trinket such as sparklers for weddings, salt and pepper shakers, or even a small basket of hard candies. Next, they can move up to the open bar to enjoy complimentary drinks before dinner. Following drinks, dinner is served along with the wedding cake. Lastly, everyone makes their way out to the dance floor until the reception ends later in the evening.

Wedding Gifts

Though most couples would not consider a gift as a requirement, most people find it traditional to give at least a card with some money to the bride and groom. Normally, the couple will register at a store or series of stores with a huge list of things they are interested in owning. Their friends and family can then go to the store, select an item off their gift registry, and drop it off at the gift table on their way into the reception hall.


Lastly, the newlywed couple will often plan a vacation that immediately follows the wedding reception. Usually couples go somewhere tropical, but they may also choose to go somewhere more romantic like Rome or Paris. Originally, the honeymoon was meant for the couple to go somewhere private to conceive their first child, but that tradition is all but extinct. Instead, the honeymoon is now looked at as an opportunity to start their life out on the right foot by giving each other the love and attention needed to have a blossoming relationship for years to come.

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Safe and Effective Alternative Treatments for Acne

acne solutions

Acne is the most commonly known skin disease to humans. It isn’t a dangerous disease by nature but it can leave scars on the skin which is really irritating. Acne develops when the little canals under the skin get blocked and the dead skin cells can’t find a way out of the skin.

According to dermatologists nearly three quarter of 10 to 30 years old people, both male and female, will experience acne problem once at some stage. The market is full of chemical products that provide acne treatment and most of the people blindly end up trying an expensive but in effective chemical acne treatment.

The chances are very high that you might have tried expensive treatment for acne but it didn’t work for you. In most cases it does not work for anybody, people spends huge sum of money on the treatments but still don’t get the result. The basic problem of chemical acne solution is that they are short term solutions and they never get to the root cause of the acne problem.

This part may be very shocking for you because many skin products actually damage your skin while treatment process. Mostly the skin care products leave your skin dry which literally worsens the condition. The dry skin causes difficulty for skin to breathe and it leads to dehydration of skin which makes the skin rough. If you have faced such crisis before and you have tried everything but it still didn’t work out for you then you are at the right place to know about the most efficient and safe treatment for acne.

The ultimate solution to your acne problem is Probiotic Action. Probiotic Action is a chemical free treatment, it’s a purely natural acne solution. It’s the best and safest method to solve the acne problem, get rid of all the expensive and harmful chemically synthesized creams.

Why Probiotic Action?

Probiotics makes the best skin treatment products because they:

  • Are a natural product.
  • Do not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Are environmentally friendly.
  • Are water-based.
  • Can be used long-term.
  • Reduce the number of bacterial pathogens (agents that produces disease).
  • Do not create pathogens that will develop resistance to treatment later on.
  • Are clean at a microscopic level.

Watch the below video to help find your acne solution, and visit probioticaction.com for more information:

thai amulet

thai amuletsI saw an interesting article on www.thaiamuletworld.com which I would like to share with you.

The author of the article mentioned that there is this amulet which enhance the memory of the wearer an enables him to remember clearly all his dreams the previous night. According to the author, this amulet is a tibetan buddhist amulet and not a thai amulet ( พระเครื่อง is the equivalent of thai amulet when translated to thai)

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The former Dortmund actress, likened to parliamentarian Pires by Arsene Wenger, becomes the Cottagers’ eighth linguistic communication this summer as they appear to urge straight back to the Premier League Highly rated German midfielder Thomas Eisfeld has left Arsenal to hitch Fulham on a biennial deal, the Premier League club have declared.

The 21-year-old moved to the Emirates structure from Borussia Dortmund in 2012 and was expected to progress into the primary team however can instead ply his change the Championship with the recently relegated Cottagers.

“Thomas Eisfeld has joined Fulham for associate degree unrevealed fee,” browse a press release on Arsenal’s official web site.

“Everyone at the club would really like to give thanks Thomas for his contribution and to want him well for the long run.”

The Germany Under-20s international, United Nations agency created 2 appearances within the Capital One Cup for the Gunners against Reading and West Brom, has the choice to increase his lodge in Craven house by an additional twelve months.
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The Walking Dead Season 5

Walking Dead Season 5The Walking Dead Season 5 is the 5th installment of Robert Kirkman’s masterpiece, AMC’s The Walking Dead. This post-apocalyptic masterpiece follows the life of a law enforcement official as he awakens after being in a coma for months. Shot in the head from an on duty incident, he awakens to a world that is much more different than he left. This drama series follows the movements of Rick and his ability to get out of a disease infested city. Unaware of where his family has gone, Rick (the main character) must use his deductive reasoning skills and knowledge of survival to locate his family.

Since those opening credit, much has passed. Rick not only finds his wife and son, but finds what would become his family. He would make it his priority to save the group from harm at all costs and it results in him losing himself and his wife. While kept up in a prison, he comes across a man that is unable to move forward (stuck in a perpetual vicious circle). His name is “The Governor.” Played by David Morrissey, The Governor believes he is doing well by the people he protects. In reality, he turns them into people they aren’t. In the end, his inability to let things go gets him killed, but at the cost of the prison being destroyed.

With the prison destroyed and the group fractured from the threat of “The Governor” a lot of emotion and self-defeating behavior lingers. Robert Kirkman and the cast and crew do an outstanding job to take their viewers through obstacles and rollercoasters to convey the psychological withdrawal individuals with different personalities go through. The characters open up. We see a difference in Carol, Daryl, Beth, Tyreese, Maggie, and Glenn. Ultimately, we see characters rationalize and take in what’s going on and how they are destroying themselves from within.

That being said, season 5 has been emphasized to be one of the more intense seasons yet. We left the group locked up in a rail car and Tyreese and Carol on their own. The group has been captured by cannibals and there seems to be an uncertainty among the group with how they will kill those that have captured them. A lot of what was shot for this season has been stated as too gruesome for television.. We will find out. Follow what happens at The Walking Dead Season 5.

Flip The Movie Script

flip the script

For the longest time, we have searched the web for websites specific to interesting fact and information, but fell short. Many websites out on the internet are more specific towards “Entertainment” and not have specific niches. Flip the Movie Script solves this dilemma. The website is a free online movie platform that brings not so well known facts and information from behind the scenes to one place. The site provides information on movies, television shows, music, and much more.

We scour the internet to find the most relevant and key information about our different topics and provide a nice concise article about it. Created on June of 2014, the website is pretty young, but is quickly gathering information. Why is this a site you should come to? What is the importance of it? If you are the curious type of person that watches a lot of television or a cinematic type of person, this is a prime website you should save to your desktop. Many people lack the ability to converse easily, having memory lapses or run out of material really quick. This website provides hours of conversational pieces to talk to friends about or bring up during a date.

Along with this comes a forum. Every great website usually consists of a forum because it allows passionate people to talk about their favorite things. Furthermore, friendships grow from people that never used to know each other prior. I found that every time I was watching a movie or television show, I was curious to know how certain things were done, Flip the Movie Script provides this information.

Lastly, we have a very friendly interface unlike IMDB and other websites that squeeze there information into the homepage of their sites. We use visuals to appeal. Take a gander into our website and let us know what you think!

Baby Steps: How To Name Your Newborn

babyDuring the exciting months of your pregnancy you will probably spend a long time contemplating your future child’s name. In 2013 just under 38,000 babies were born in Singapore and every single one of these children were totally unique and individual. It is therefore totally understandable that you will want to find a name for your baby that is exceptional, distinctive and, most importantly of all, acceptable to both parents!

If you don’t know where to start, check out our handy hints and tips that have been designed for parents-to-be who are wondering how to name a baby.

Step One: Consider the letter that you would like to commence the name.

  • Draw up an alphabet on a piece of paper and methodically cross out any letters that you do not want to use as the first letter in your baby’s name.
  • Consider the letters that you are most interested in. Is there a particular letter that is common throughout your family history? Is there a tradition that you want to uphold or do you want to avoid certain letters because they are so common in your family? For example, you may want to consider the fact that if you already have a J Brown in your family you may cause confusion further down the line if another J Brown pops up in the form of your newborn.
  • Are there any cultural traditions that you want to follow? In some countries it is normal for parents to use certain letters of the alphabet for auspicious reasons.
  • Are there any particular letters that, when combined with your surname, will produce less than desirable names? E.g. If your last name is Hallow you may wish to avoid the letter S for the first name.

Step Two: Research names

Once you have narrowed down a list of letters with which you would like to start your babies name. you can start to research names that start with that letter.

  • Find a comprehensive list of baby’s names, a baby naming book or an online naming resource and read through the names provided for each letter. Make a note of any names that you like.
  • If you are going to be giving you baby a second name make sure that you write a separate list for the first and second names.
  • Keep reviewing your list on a regular basis and gradually remove any names that don’t instantly appeal to you.
  • Say the names aloud, together with your second name to hear how they will sound. If they are awkward to pronounce or produce any slightly odd names when the first and second names are combined then avoid them.
  • Consider what the child’s initials will be if you select a combination of first and second names. This is especially important if you use names that start with a vowel, e.g. Oliver David Demsey.
  • Be conscious of the fact that any unusual names may mean that your child will be destined to spell their name out whenever they meet new people. Although this may not bother you, will it be a source of major annoyance for your child in years to come?
  • Consider the shortened version of the name. Do you like it? In this day and age almost every child will be given a shortened version of their name by their peers and if there are some names that you cannot stand, then don’t take any chances.
  • How popular is the first name? Check out our lists of popular Singapore boy’s names and girl’s names for lists of some of the most common names in Singapore.

Step Three: Narrow the list down

Over the next few weeks keep visiting your list and gradually narrow it down. It is natural to change your perception of a name during your pregnancy and it’s the ones that maintain their appeal that you’re interested in.

Step Four: Take a break

Once you have a list of ten or less suitable names take a couple of weeks break from the process. This will give you chance to see the names again in a fresh light.

Repeat steps three and four until you have one clear winner or one or two options. You may want to wait until your baby is born and you meet your bundle of joy to choose to select which name really does suit them the most. Please visit Singapore Baby to learn more.

Making Him Desire You Isn’t That Hard When You Know This

love and desireFirst of all for the sake of full disclosure, I am man in my 50′s and not some young girl dishing advice. So why should you listen to me instead of some girl writing for LovePanky?

Would you go to an engineer to get get gardening advice or a Gardner to learn how to build a bridge? I think not. So if you want to know how men think and what makes them attracted to women, don;t ask another women. Ask a man.

Age Gives Wisdom

If you want him to desire you, to want you badly, then I am willing to let you in on men’s secrets where as a younger man might not. In fact, he might not even know these secrets himself. So, if you want the straight scoop, here it is.

How to Attract a Man With Out Chasing Him Off

Men are hunters and the worst thing you can do is hunt them. This will make them run like the devil, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take action. You just have to make him think that he is the one initiating it.

To do this, you must NEVER appear needy. If you are insecure and feel a great deal of self-doubt then you already know why you can’t attract a man. If this is the case, I have some bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that having a man in your life while being insecure is only going to make things worse for you in the long run and sometimes really worse.

I can’t tell you how many insecure women there are out there complaining about what pigs men are when it is really themselves they have to blame.

The good news is that you can begin to deal with your insecurities before you try to get into a relationship and that once you have dealt with them and become a strong, confident women, men will be very easy to come by.

If You Aren’t Insecure

In this case getting him to have a burning desire for you will be pretty easy. If you are strong and confident in who you are then it is a matter of technique as to why he is not desiring you this very minute.

You can have the greatest products in the world, but if they aren’t marketed properly, you won’t make a penny and the same goes for you. If you aren’t marketing yourself correctly, then you are bound to have a lonely, frustrating love life. Again, don’t blame men, you can’t change them, but you can change yourself.

The key to getting him to desire you is to provide his deepest needs without being too obvious. The first part of this equation rests in the skill of flirting. We are not talking about drooling and draping but a subtle way to trigger his pleasure hormones in his body and then pull the plug on him.

Let him catch you watching him across the room and then don’t look at him again for a long while. Then do it again and again don’t look at him for a while. As you begin to awaken the hunter in him, you are going to be perused. You must be coy at this point. Drop a genuine complement his way, especially if it is something you know he is proud of and then ignore him while you chat with your friends.

The idea is to get him into pursuit mode fleeing but always keeping him feeling he can win you over. This tension builds a veracious appetite for you.

I have a lot more to explain but I don’t have room in this article to go into much detail. For more information and articles on how to attract a man visit my blog: Make Him Desire You

Best Online Accounting Set-Up for Start-ups

BooksSetup3It’s debatable what accounting software is best for entrepreneurs who want to join the new wave of those putting their books online, but among the top contenders are Quickbooks Online (QBO), Xero, Wave Accounting, etc.  When entrepreneurs consider what professional group should handle their online accounting set-up for start-ups (Online Accounting Set-Up for Start-ups), they should consider first how savvy the group is with online accounting software. Many accounting firms specialize in accounting software that is strictly desktop oriented, or sometimes versions that are not very user friendly for the entrepreneur at all.

Why is it important for entrepreneurs to have user friendly accounting software? Entrepreneurs are people who are typically on the move, so it’s important to be able to peak In at their financial scorecards wherever they are, and be able to understand, toggle through, and update their accounting versus having to make an appointment to see their accountants when they’re back in town. How inconvenient!

There’s also a lot of controversy about whether accountants will even be in business in the next couple of decades, as accounting software is evolving rapidly and becoming much more user friendly, and in many cases more cost effective. Ironically many of today’s great accounting minds are helping to create the best accounting software, which may eventually replace the need for accountants. Hard to swallow, yes! Good for entrepreneurs, yes! Not that accountants will fall to the wayside immediately, but many predict it could be coming with so many advancements in online accounting, plus it’s just so convenient.

Accounting software is unlikely to erase the legions of CPAs and financial advisors who have a knack for working through complex and rapidly changing accounting policy and problems, and of course organizations that are required to have CPAs for various purposes aren’t likely to embrace the future of accounting software in the same way as small business entrepreneurs.

At this point, the software is very user friendly, but it pays to have someone with accounting knowledge, and knowledge of the software help to set things up, and possibly manage it, at least until the entrepreneur or his or her employees can step in and take over. Accounting is afterall is a critical function of the business, and should be handled very professionally.

For entrepreneurs searching for a solid online accounting set-up service, visit www.bookssetup.com

The reason behind why Bangkok is regarded as a main holiday location

Bangkok is almost certainly the commercial and governmental center of Thailand. With dramaticmodernizationalong withincomedevelopment, experts agree it ismeasuredwith the world’stopmetropolitan areasconsistentlyin recent times. Why then is Bangkok exceptionallyleadingin everyvacationer‘s dreamspot? Read moreto search for thelogical reasons why Bangkok can be thePlanet’sLeadingTown.

could be described as a townwhichpresents a diverseviewinthe capital deep National wonder. A travelerwill certainlytake joy instrikingviewpoints of royalcastles – Bangkok is swamped with the historical structuresalong withmanygalleries, that isadequatelystocked with importantartifacts. Bangkok tourvacation packagesinclude things likeholiday makerexcursions to Grand Palace, Buddhisttempleswhich includes Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and so on. It’s possible tofurthermoreacquiresome parts of Hinduism in Thai traditionby the Giant Swing coupled with the Erawan Shrine. Thailand has become the the onecountry on earth which includessuperbethnicassortiment of a variety ofsignificantAsiannations. Traditionally, Bangkok has provides as a pointinterlinking Western and Eastern cultures. The sign of this particular abounds throughout the town.


serves as the entryin to thetotal of Thailand. Thailand is going to be a land which is crammed withtremendousnationalmuralsas well astraditionalart works. Even thoughsituated in Asia, it presentsremarkable and very exactlocalisedcharacter. Being centrally based, Bangkok is the entrance which permitsglobalvisitorsto journeyall through Thailand via river, railor perhapsaeroplanes.

The Vimanmek Palace
serves up the largest teakwood palacein the world, the magnificant vimanmek palace. The intention ofthis excellentMansion, erected in1901, was toexhibit the country’sethnicheritage. The venerated King of the people, King Chulalongkorn, had provisioned the development of thegreatmansion that is the home of the the right giftsanditems, which he obtained from throughout the globe. Bangkok getawaydealsenabletravelers to delight inadmittance to this impressiveplace for a opportunity of a life time.

providesdistinctlyexaltenightlife. Nightclubs and night-lifecentersspecificallyproviding the worldwideholidaymakerswill likely be thehugevisitors attractionsfound in Bangkok. In addition toentertainmentnight clubs, there are manyan exceptionalshopping center that possessescheapfantasticobjects to the vacation goers. No Bangkok travel and leisureplan is donewithout ago tothis uniquecity’sflamboyantnight life.

The beautiful green park
parks are amongthe prettiestacross the world. The best park may well be the Lumphini Park which provides you witha field of 54 hectares. Bangkok parks provides yououtstandingmix ofgreeneryin addition towaterviewsalong withboat rides etc. This uniqueblend ofwater and greenerywill assure that your perceptionsreachan entertainingleveland you simplyget hold ofglamorousremembrancesperpetually.

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