Why Choose Urgent care over ER

health careVIP Urgent Care has recently opened in Tarzana, CA. The urgent care facility is run by board certified physicians with emergency room experience. Their state of the art facility provides the latest in urgent care procedures including in house x-rays and testing.

Many people are discovering the advantages urgent care facilities offer when compared to a hospital emergency room visit.

When you break a bone, cut yourself or are sick and need to see a doctor right away, rushing to a hospital emergency room may not be your best option. Emergency Rooms are often overcrowded and visits are extremely expensive. If your emergency is not viewed as an imminent life threatening emergency, you may find yourself waiting hours for care.

In order to address this growing problem a number of urgent care facilities have sprouted up throughout the country. Urgent care facilities offer shorter wait times and the average bill is only a couple hundred dollars.

Still there are precautions and things that a consumer needs to be aware of before visiting an urgent care center. Here are a few questions to ask before visiting an urgent care center.

  1. Who will be providing the care? Many urgent care centers don’t use board certified physicians. It is a good idea to call ahead to see who will be providing your care.
  2. Do they offer in house x-rays and labs? When you are not feeling well the last thing you want is to be shuffled around from one office to another to get tests and x-rays.
  3. What condition is the office in? A clean comfortable environment with a friendly staff is important. A poorly maintained facility may be an indicator of the doctor’s approach toward care. Check online photos to make sure the facility is well maintained.
  4. When should I go to an ER instead? Urgent care facilities can treat most conditions however, if you experience crushing chest pains or other life threatening conditions you should call 911 immediately.


-        Here are some additional symptoms that may indicate an emergency room visit is required:

  • Signs of a heart attack, such as chest pain.
  • Signs of stroke, such as sudden onset of numbness in the arms or legs
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Poisoning
  • Head injury
  • Coughing up or vomiting blood
  • Suicidal or homicidal feelings

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act hospital Emergency Rooms have been reporting that there are more and more people coming to them for treatment. The increased workload has stressed hospital staff and resources. Urgent care is an excellent alternative that hospitals welcome.

If you live in the San Fernando valley and are looking for a first class experience and want to be treated by doctors who are board certified you should take a look at VIP Urgent Care.

Learn more at http://www.vip-urgentcare.com

Put Your Phone in the Ultimate Car Mode

car phoneEver had a near incident when trying to use your phone while driving ? Well help is at hand. I found an app called Ultimate Car Dock, which literally puts your phone in Car Mode, as it is fully voice automated.

None of us ever want an incident when driving, but let’s face it, we all want to answer that potential “all important call” when it comes in – whether we are driving or not !

Well Ultimate Car Dock is the answer. This app does everything you would want to do with your phone by voice control, while your hands are safely on the steering wheel.

It will announce calls, and read out texts, which you can then answer or reject vocally. There is the capacity to have up to 30 of your phone apps running through ultimate car dock. For example you can start or stop music and use your navigation system,  all by voice – and the voice recognition software is top notch.

So no more one eyed, and one handed steering !!!!

The setting are quite comprehensive which makes this app attractive to a wide market as you can adapt it your own individual needs. For example it will run beautifully in the background and just handle your texts and calls if you have the need for another app in the foreground.

This app is so far ahead of the rest it recently caught the attention of an IBM software vice president, who not only included it in a blog post, but suggested he uses it himself. How is that for a recommendation !

The developers are in the league of the” fair and the fabulous.” They give you a week’s FREE trial before you have to decide to purchase it or not – My advice is purchase it, and then convince everyone else you know with a drivers licence to do the same – Lets make the roads a safer place to drive …

Get Discounts Without Bargaining

shoppingTired of going to the market, finding your favourite product and fighting to get it at the right price? Well, online shopping has an answer to the long process of bargaining to get discounts, “Coupon Codes”.

Indian online market is evolving and buyers are increasing everyday. With the surge in online shopping, buyers are gunning for discounted or discontinued items that can be bought over the web but not in the offline space. Coupon codes play a vital role in inviting new buyers and keeping re-visiting buyers happy. Coupon codes not only keep the buyers happy, but also allow sellers to gain higher profits by selling in large numbers.

Coupons are therefore becoming one of the more popular marketing strategies in the e-commerce space. It is also very convenient for all online shoppers and even online retailers to offer discounts.

Online coupon codes also enable shoppers to shop during anytime of the year without waiting for the festive season in which sellers offer huge discounts. With discounts available 24x7x365 from the comfort of home, it’s a hard to resist deal.

Coupons however remain active for a small duration, sometimes in months or even days. For someone looking to shop online, it takes some time finding the right coupons for yourself that’ll get you the best deal, but it is definitely way more easier than bargaining with adamant shopkeepers. However, in time, buyers get used to online surfing for coupons and will get the right websites that offer genuine coupon codes.

Regular shoppers can also sign up for mailing list of your favorite e-commerce. At times, e-commerce portals make special stores and products available at a special discount to a limited set of buyers that are already registered with them.

Another benefit of going online for shopping is the monopoly of such portals for certain products that cant be found in the offline space.

Coupons are a great way to save, it is convenient and easy to find. It is also very easy to apply the coupon as you simply need to log on the website of the seller, go to the shopping cart and put the coupon code. So, you need not be a techie to crack the best discounts, its just a baby’s play once you find the right coupon code.

American Swan is one of the leading ecommerce website, You can use American Swan Coupon to get more discounts on the wide variety of products available.

Asian-bookie Sportsbook Review

sportsAsian-bookie.com is an exciting and unique online Bookmaker which services players globally. Based in Malaysia and with Marketing offices in Philippines Asian-bookie is a leader in online bookies in Asia. Asian-Bookie.com is a leader in offering a number of betting markets, Servicing multiple countries, safe and secure payments and exceptional online support options. Asian-bookie is Asia’s leading bookie and as you read you’ll find out why.

Are you interested in betting on Football? Basketball? Horseracing? Well Asian-bookie has you covered allowing players in Vietnam, China, Thailand and now Europe bet with Asian lines on all these sports. Furthermore, Asian-bookie provides players with the opportunity to bet live on in progress football games! That’s right, simply find a game that is in progress and you can place a bet. Remember, that the lines will shift according to the score of the match, example; If Arsenal vs Chelsea was even at 1.9 betting at the beginning of the match, in live betting if Arsenal leads by one then the odds will shift to Arsenal 1.2 and Chelsea 2.8. Thus, if you bet 100 on Chelsea at 2.8 and they come back to win you will receive a payout of $280! Asian-Bookie is an exceptional book when it comes to offering markets and odds.

Asian-bookie is active in many Asian, North American and European countries. The Asia Bookie side of Asian-bookie websites are translated in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and English. For Europe you can read the copy on Asian-Bookie in German, Dutch, russian and English. Many of the odds, deposit methods and support are offered for each target language market. So, if you are living in pretty much any country throughout the globe Asian-Bookie will have you covered for support, deposits and sporting events!

In Asia depositing in a sportsbook can often be difficult – but not with Asian-Bookie! Asian-Bookie prides itself on being a bookmaker which services and allows deposits for all Asian and European countries. If you are in Thailand, Vietnam, China or Indonesia Asian-Bookie has the particular banking method for you to deposit. The following deposit methods are offered for each market.
China: China Public bank, Bank of Agriculture,

Vietnam ACB (Asian commercial bank), Vietcombank, Dong A bank, Sacombank.
China: China Postal Savings Bank of China, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural bank of China

Visa, MasterCard Ewallet: Moneybookers, Neteller, Ukash,

Thailand: Thailand bank , kasikorn bank , krung thai bank and Siam commercial bank. Ibet789 also offers all ewallets such as moneybookers, neteller, ecocard and ukash

Asian-Bookie online Asian Bookie offers a number of exceptional mult lingual support! If you are in the cash market or working through and agent Asian-Bookie internal staff is there to help you 24hrs a day! Simply call the numbers listed on the website or click the live chat option. We know you will be 100% satisfied with Asian-Bookies’s quality support.

Now that you are familiar with Asian-Bookie’s offerings we urge you to give it a try! We know you will not be disappointed with the Sports markets, Deposit methods and much much more! Play now!

Carnu-B Professional Car Wax = Happy Car!

car wax

Cars are loved by all! Admiration by all follows when your baby is in its best performance and form. Car lovers everywhere have a common necessity: keeping them clean! Compromise is not an option as this is a matter of first impression. There are a lot of products that offer a full cleaning kit for your car, but you simply cannot compromise on the quality. The Carnu-B professional car wax can help you with all your cleaning and car care issues.

  • Why Car Waxing is Necessary?

Your car needs care too. You have to take care of your car if you want to make sure that it performs well on the road and looks great doing it. Like other parts of the car, the exterior body of the car also needs your attention. Many people opt to get their car waxed with a good quality professional car wax on occasion. This is a good option to provide additional shine to your car that adds to its appearance. Waxing also serves as a preventative maintenance protecting the exterior body of your car against rust, etc.

  • Common Mistakes

Essentially your car gets you from point A to point B. Most of our attention is diverted to the necessities in maintaining the drive-ability of your car: tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations. Many of us inevitably end up neglecting the exterior body of our work horses. Your common car wash may knock off the dirt off your car but cannot come close in providing you the quality of shine and protection professional car wax brings to the table. Professional car wax is absolutely the way to go in keeping your car looking as great on the outside as it runs on the inside.

  • Carnu-B Waxed Cars = Happy Cars!

Your car, just like any other machine, will give you good performance if you maintain it properly. Lack of attention to your car’s exterior body will directly result in issues such as the immediate depreciation in your car’s resale value. Using Professional car wax is money in the bank increasing your car’s resale value in the market. That’s cash in YOUR pocket!

Professional car wax offered by the Carnu-B is the solution to your car’s exterior body needs. Carnu-B Wax™ chemically cleans and dissolves discoloration and oxidation as it leaves a protective wax coating. Carnu-B Wax™ eliminates tar, tree sap, road film,bug splats and bird stains. Because Carnu-B Wax™ has no clay fillers it leaves an ultra high gloss shine and mirror like luster without excess dust and powder. Superior ingredients and processing allows Carnu-B to go on smooth and easy.

Carnu-B Car Wax can be used on any smooth surface including painted surfaces, metals, glass, fiberglass and chrome.  This makes Carnu-B Car Wax a great wax to use on cars, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, RVs, hot tubs, shower stalls, etc.

At Carnu-B we stand behind the quality of our products.  We are so confident that our professional car care products will out perform any competitor that if you are not completly satisfied with your Carnu-B products we will buy them back.

Use Carnu-B’s professional car wax kits for a happy car! Please visit https://carnu-b.com/ for more information.

Lipozene Reviews – The Truth about this Product Revealed

health dietThe Lipozene reviews are all around the internet but is Lipozene a really good weight loss supplement compared to it’s competitors. I will attempt to answer this question by giving you some facts about the product itself as well as my own experience. Although the Lipozene reviews on the commercial are positive, my actual experience with the product is nothing but. Keep reading as I tell you why!

Lipozene Reviews and Background Information
Lipozene is a dietary fiber extracted from a plant that is found in countries such as China, Japan, and India. The plant itself is called ‘Konjac.’ There is very little evidence itself that states that you can lose weight with fiber alone. Although the company’s website claims that there are clinical trials, we cannot find any supporting documentation that these successful clinical trials actually took place.

How does it work?

When you absorb the diet pill itself, your stomach starts to swell up and only a portion of your stomach is available for food consumption. The fiber is making your stomach swell and giving you the illusion that you are full. You think that this is a good thing but it is not. Your body starts to burn off the energy from your muscles instead of stored fat. Your appearance suffers as well as the way you feel. You are tired all the time. Since the supplement is making your stomach swell, you can experience painful bloating and severe constipation. With constipation, you can experience diarrhea as well.

The main reason that this happens is that the supplement absorbs the water from your stomach and you have to drink more water as a result. If you do not drink enough, this can happen.

Think again about those Lipozene reviews you see on tv!

The diet pill itself is overpriced for a fiber supplement. If a fiber supplement is what you are looking for, then you can look elsewhere for a cheaper solution. I do not recommend a fiber supplement however as there is really no evidence to support that a fiber supplement alone will help you to lose weight.

Lipozene reviews conclusion

The Lipozene reviews you see on the commercial paint a hyped up view of a dietary supplement that
in my experience can be dangerous and not give you desirable results. We fall victim to a lot of weight
loss gimmicks as we are only human. There are many other reputable, safe weight loss pills out there
that can give you much better results than Lipozene. I hope I have helped you to see a clearer picture to
help you uncover the truth about those Lipozene reviews.

Razor Electric Scooter – Is it Worth Your Money?

electric scooterThe Razor electric scooter is a dominant force in the marketplace. It is well known for being a reliable, safe, and fun electric scooter for both children and adults alike. In this article, I will highlight some of the key features that make the Razor electric scooter such an attractive option.

Razor Electric Scooter Features

Versatility – The Razor electric scooter is not just for young kids. They have various models that can accommodate children under the age of 12, teenagers, and adults. Electric scooters have been increasingly popular with older people as a way that they can travel around town without an actual car. A Razor scooter can be used to run small errands within a short distance without having to worry about the battery going dead.

Motor – The motor is chain driven. What does mean for you as the buyer? A chain driven motor will last a lot longer than your standard belt motor. This is a plus as you want your investment to last as long as possible. The chain driven motor is solid and will outlast cheap belt motors.

Battery Life – I touched upon this earlier but having a long battery life for the scooter really matters if you want to enjoy your electric scooter. The Razor electric scooter has a minimum of a 45 minute battery life for the models designed for young kids. This gives them plenty of time to go outside and zoom around the neighborhood.

Ease of Assembly – People really do not think about this when they are buying a product but let me tell you from experience is does matter. If it is cumbersome to begin with to assemble, this can be a problem. Luckily, the makers of the various models for the Razor electric scooter made it very easy to assemble. Some of the models you do not have to pull out any tools and the directions are very clear cut. There are only a few steps and you will have the scooter assembled in no time.

Twist grip acceleration – Who knew that you get the same technology from a motorcycle in a electric scooter? This is one of the most fun things about the Razor electric scooter. You can put your hands on the handle bars and twist away as you listen to the engine revving up. This is pretty neat feature especially for young kids as they will enjoy it.

Safe speed for beginners – The models specifically designed for young children do not get over 10mph. This will keep you worry free if you are buying one for the first time for a small kid. The larger models do get over 15 mph but they are specifically designed for older children or adults.

The Razor electric scooter will continue to be a prominent contender in the marketplace for electric scooters. Their brand is a wise choice. Do not forget to put on your helmet and enjoy!

Finding The Right Medical Specialist For Your Needs

CNA certificationA new survey into sexual attitudes in The Lancet has confirmed Brits are having 20% less sex than a decade ago, have less sexual partners and spend less time actually engaging in it. Why has this happened though you may wonder?

Dr Cath Mercer, senior lecturer in sexual health at UCL, thinks she might know why. Dr Mercer says: “Technology is to blame. People are taking their tablets and mobile phones into the bedroom and some use porn as a sex substitute.”

However, fear not! In the modern day, almost everything can be rectified with the right willpower and determination.  Therefore Men’s Health sex columnist Nichi Hodgson joined forces with fellow experts in her field to look as aspects in the bedroom and discuss ways to put the kick back into your love life!


What the survey says

The smartphone’s entry to the bedroom is the main thing diverting your attention from where it should be.”

What you can do

Research suggests that a whopping 81% of adults bring their mobile phone or tablet to bed with them and are willing to work late into the night – time that could be spent engaging in more fun activities!

“Treat the bedroom as a technology black zone,” says sexual psychologist Justin Duwe.

Try a week of banning devices such as tablets, TVs and embrace the reading and good conversation. Draw the line at an alarm clock! If the situation hasn’t picked up after a week, the issues may be just a bit deeper than an internet connection.

Worryingly, a recent survey conducted by Mobile Consumer Habits discovered that one in 10 Americans actually use their mobile phones during sex. We’re not sure that’s advisable though! A slight mood killer and who knows what people are posting on social media…


What the survey says

“You’re just too knackered. Longer working hours and lack of sleep are causing your sexual retreat.”

What you can do

Boost testosterone levels and sex drive by improving your diet and exercise training levels.

Exercise scientist David Lewis and other medical specialists, advises: “Doing a lower-body workout three times a week works like natural Viagra. Try hamstring curls, squats and step-ups.”

Next comes diet. Junk food, sugar and refined carbs have to go or be restricted as they will drastically hamper your energy levels and libido. “A study by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston found that a single sugary drink lowered testosterone by up to 25%,” comments Dr Laura Tilt, a hormone specialist. Get zinc into your diet through pumpkin seeds, cashews or supps and benefit from a boost in both testosterone levels and sperm production.

To maintain this boost, “Eat foods that boost blood flow such as kale, dark chocolate and garlic,” says Dr Tilt. After two weeks you should really feel the improvement!


What the survey says

“Same sex, different day. Sexual boredom is the biggest factor stopping you bothering when the lights go out.”

What you can do

“When a man tires of sex, he is tired of life,” is the view of Samuel Johnson. If you’re feeling a little bored of sex with you partner, you need to stop this psychological cycle.

How can you do this you may ask? “The most effective way to re-introduce lust is by calling a sex amnesty,” says Cynthia Graham, editor of the Journal of Sex Research. “Break down those mental barriers by offering your brain the forbidden fruit.” Let your partner know you are unable to have sex for a fortnight and following a few days, initiate a touching session – about 10 minutes each. “Touch each other where you want to, not where you think they want it. We’re so obsessed with giving pleasure that we don’t think about our own,” says Graham.


What the survey says

“More young men than ever are attributing their lack of drive to stress. The biggest cause: your job.”

What you can do

It is not just women who experience the dreaded Wednesday night ‘headache’. Relationship expert Susan Quilliam advises: “Learn to manage your stress levels with daily relaxation periods. A weekly massage or acupuncture session is ideal to get you in the mood.” acupuncture.org.uk will help you find a suitable practitioner but will cost you in the region of £50.

Don’t let stress get you down, sex could actually be the answer! It triggers the release of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins and can help to regulate sleep. Quality and not quantity is the key.

“Avoid quickies and allow time for a ‘transition period’ (i.e. foreplay) to shift your mind from fretting to pleasure.” Remember that sex is probably one of the best and effective ways to appease and please your stressed partner. Anything is better than receiving the silent treatment!


TEAM BUILDING philly hops

Working together as a team is the key behind every successful organization. Professional organizations hire team building experts to help their teams improve their communication and collaboration skills. For expert guidance come to Philly Hops. They can provide you with a great team building experience that includes a variety of fun filled, relevant activities.

Philly Hops Offers Team Development Programs Throughout the Country

  • Philly Hops provides your workforce an opportunity to learn and grow collectively using their unique style of team development. Philadelphia team building solutions is a great way to support your workers team building efforts.
  • Team building New York packages are fun filled activities that can help your group master the skill of cooperating in a simple and highly interactive way.
  • A wide range of Washington team building ideas are provided by Philly Hops also. They include multiple games and challenges for the participants so that they can learn and practice working together and build team cohesiveness.

Benefits of Philly Hops Team Building Proposals

Team building programs offered by Philly Hops can be used by any organization.

  • You can choose a customized package according to your team’s needs and requirements. Their programs range from cooking challenges to movie making activities as well as treasure hunts. You can also choose the right team building package which appeals to your group’s specific personality.
  • You can benefit from the high energy, fun programs because they are engaging. And their reasonable prices are another plus.
  • It is possible to improve your communication skills and management abilities by practicing in a cooperative environment.
  • These team building programs are lead by experts in the field, who not only guide you throughout the activities, but also help you absorb skills and techniques you can bring back to the office.

So, whether you are a small organization or large these team building activities reinforce the art of working together you can increase your organization’s productivity and efficiency. Contact Philly Hops and utilize their unique training opportunities to master the art of working together as a high performance team. Please visit http://phillyhops.com for more information.

The Highly Anticipated 2015 Chevy Tahoe Exceeds Expectations


The Chevrolet Tahoe is a wonderful, full size SUVs that offers an unprecedented amount of power. Recently, Chevrolet announced the new 2015 Tahoe model at Lake Tahoe, California, and people were really amazed regarding the new additions to an already popular and impressive vehicle.

A great deal regarding the Tahoe’s newness is that it keeps many features from the old 2014 Silverado pickup still on sale worldwide. Although the basic construction is different between a pickup and an SUV, a great deal of the identical engineering improvements is targeting towards the Tahoe model.

Tahoe’s frame is entirely boxed, and most of it is rendered in high-strength steel. In front, multiple hydroformed brands and rails increase the rigidity of this Chevy with up to 5 Hz. This is an excellent amount, and few car manufacturers can match it, at least for now.

On most suspension system results, you can clearly feel that there are fewer quivers coming through the overall body of the car, but which, nevertheless, dissipate quicker when compared to the previous model.

In addition, the Chevrolet Tahoe provides a magnetic ride control that is very powerful and which is also quite helpful for off-road enthusiasts. The shocks are also very powerful, and enable you to drive on most types of terrain without any fear, something that’s truly remarkable if you take into account all the unique aspects of the car.

The 2015 Tahoe also offers a new structure, as well as electric power steering, that comes with various fuel economy benefits. All the extras added to the newer model have increased the overall weight of the vehicle with just 100 pounds. The redesigned interior provides a lot more space for the driver and the person sitting next to him, which is surely impressive, considering the fact that many people will be driving this vehicle for hours and hours daily. The new design was created with comfort in mind, and you can clearly see that right from the start. The Chevrolet Tahoe has a high price tag, which can come up close to $70,000 if you op for a loaded LTZ. The basic price tends to begin somewhere in the range of $45,000, but it mainly depends on how much you want to customize it, of course.

The car can be quite hard to find in the Massachusetts area, that’s why you need to find a reliable dealer. The best one you can find regarding Chevrolet cars is surely Muzi Chevy, a reputable dealer that has been the top of the market for a few years now. You can find all the latest promotions and Chevrolet cars you need, including the latest 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe model at Muzi Chevy. You can also perform searches based on condition, years and prices, of course. There’s no better place to find a dealer that has a high reputation and which is widely regarded as the best in the business. We surely recommend you visit their website right now in order to find the best deal for the latest Chevy Tahoe.

Invest and Transform Your Lifestyle with Excellent Binary Options Trading Opportunities

stock tradingYou can become a successful trader within a short time by binary options investment plans. Binary options amazing deals are a way to secure your future. If you are a business minded person, and want to invest money to become a part of the business industry go for saving your money by availing binary options outstanding trading opportunities.

Multiple Profit Making Strategies by Utilizing Binary Options Plans

Excellent profit making trading opportunities are provided to you by Binary Ultra’s trading solutions.  You have to choose a particular trading set up that best suits you, and then apply that plan to earn a huge amount of profit. The Binary Ultra Company has introduced a large variety of binary option plans, and you can purchase the one that is according to your requirements.

  • Binary options strategies save you from the fatigue of making your own financial plans to secure your money.
  • Binary options are the best plans to make a handsome amount of money within a limited time span.
  • You can have a phenomenal trading experience and can groom your skills by investing in a good binary option plan to safeguard your money.
  • You have to stay focused while the business is going on for earning a stable and big amount of cash with binary option plans.

Weekly Money Making Plans

Weekly options strategies are also in the latest trends of earning profit because of the rapid and immediate money making plans it offers.

  • You can take advantage of weekly options strategy to enhance your life savings. Multiple weekly money earning plans are available that can double your investment shortly.
  • Weekly options plans provide you 7 days investment scheme to become a trader, and make a handsome amount of cash with it.
  • Weekly options strategy gives you a chance to earn on the run as it is a quick 7 days money making plan that can change your fortune immediately.
  • Weekly options strategy provides you with accurate and appropriate money making proposal that can make you rich if applied in the right ways.

Therefore, trigger your magical binary options plans without wasting more time. Such options can make you earn without waiting for long hours in the stock market for you can execute your plan on the go. This strategy can make you rich within no time, and you can enjoy all the benefits these financially secure plans offer! So, become a part of the trading industry with binary options monetary plans. Please visit weeklyoptionselite.com for more information.

Facebook PVA in BlackHat Facebook Marketing

Facebook PVA

Today as Facebook as the biggest social media in the world with more than a billion users, many internet marketers takes a ride and plunge into the traffic it can offer to them to any of their websites or Facebook business fan pages they have advertised. Aside from using Facebook Ads and invested a lot of money for the main purpose of getting subscribers, fans and buyers, there are still countless of ways and alternatives to get all of these even not spending any huge investment.

Facebook PVA Making Retrospect

Back in the old days, Facebook is so lenient  especially in their securities. Multiple accounts log in on an IP is doable and Facebook non phone verified accounts will not easily get blocked or suspended. And dozens of Facebook accounts creator software and auto-liker software are still on the go, hence a lot of people are offering Facebook likes services on many of these various micro-jobs sites like Fiverr, Fourerr, SEOclerks and etc. And there is a lot of money being earned by these providers through their services, because if you have tons of Facebook accounts, you’ll just load it up on an auto-liker software and easily give 1,000 likes in just a few minutes with a push of a single button. But Facebook automation software in the old days can do a lot of things too – example: shares, post likes, fan page likes, website likes, commenting, comment likes etc which also can be a good way to offer additional services and make additional profit.

Your targeted customers here are not only ordinary individuals who want to leverage their Facebook marketing reputations and rankings by gaining likes or fans, but a huge market of Celebrities, Bands, Politicians, Businesses, commercials and much much more who wants to be on top of the competition!

But we’re not in the old days already, and all of these things are impossible to implement or to make. Since Facebook merged with the Australian Security Agency started late last 2013, multiple log ins on a single IP is not possible anymore. As they are updating their security system almost everyday for the reason they want to clean their system from those spammers and all those fake accounts.

As far as i know last year and about September to November, they already automatically  enabled the secure browsing of all Facebook accounts as a way to stop auto-liker bots. Knowing that secure browsing will turn the accounts URL as secured (https), aside from that it prevent hackers from accessing your page. It is also a spammer prevention who uses automation software. Software can’t connect anymore with the accounts in auto liking or any features you would likes to use if secure browsing is enabled, you’ll just get successful results on the software windows and unfortunately giving you no significant increase of likes on any page. So in result, a lot of auto-liker software and automation bots was faced-out in the eyes of Facebook marketing universe, though there are some few who manage to fit into a small loophole but only a handful were left.

Now Facebook likes providers are decreasing in numbers, and commonly other providers uses only exchange sites to provide likes to their respective clients. And mostly these providers are only giving you unreliable likes that comes from a non phone verified accounts, which only ruins your page. Once accounts get blocked, Facebook will asks you to phone verify your accounts in order for you to access it back, but as to these providers don’t have intentions on phone verifying them. Therefore likes from these non PVA will also be disappearing fast and leaving your pages at risk.

Facebook PVA Store is the Only Reliable and Trusted Provider

The ultimate solution of all of these hardships is to choose a reliable route, just use only Facebook Phone Verified Accounts to all of your activities over Facebook. From there you’ll be safe and you will not suffer any penalties as long as you’ll follow and abide limitations. I can only recommend a reliable agency that provides the perfect solution of your Facebook marketing needs, none other than Facebook PVA Store. They can provide you “Facebook PVA” that’s perfect for your Facebook needs, they can provide targeted profiled accounts, request demographics and customized accounts that fits with your needs. They also provide a “Facebook Auto-Liker” script that works 100% with the recent Facebook recent updates. Remember non of the software works today except only with Codename-like Platinum Version (beta).

Here is the Platinum Version features:

Fan Page likes

Post Likes


Add as a friends

Friends Add Request


TImeline Posting

Share and Post a Comments


Beware of some fake providers out there. Trust only what i have recommended above.


Protecting Your Childs Vision

child glassesEye exams and vision screenings are as important as weight, height and other factors that affect development at a normal rate.  When necessary, prescription eyeglasses can help overcome minor vision problems.

Vision plays an essential role in the academic progress of a child. If their vision is impaired, they are not in an environment that is conducive to learning. For children, comfort should be the priority but it is also important to look stylish no matter what their age. Look for companies that offer a large range of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses such as MarvelOptics.com. The prices offered should be reasonable and will allow children to find the one (or two) that suits their personality. At the cost of looking “cool” quality should not be compromised.

When outdoors parents needs to remember that children require more UV protection compared to adults. An effective way to protect their eyes is to wear prescription sunglasses or transitional frames. Prescription sunglasses should be durable to withhold everyday activities of a child. Appropriate lens materials for children to wear are polycarbonate because they are impact resistant, light weight and provide 100% UV protection.

Prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses are essentials for children eye care. Eye wear should be targeted with specific activities in mind.

Australian Voice Over Artists Booking Record Amount of Jobs Online

voice overWithin six months of Launching in Australia, The Voice Realm has already provided professional voice actors with thousands of voice over jobs and making the process of producing audio as simple as a few mouse clicks.

The website is the Australasian portal for the global voice casting network that is giving production companies, advertising agencies, and small business access to a roster of professional voice over artists. Administrative costs of up to 70% are being realized when expensive studios, casting directors and agents are removed.

Those in need of a recording for applications such as phone greetings or explainer videos are lead step by step through the site to secure the services of a voice actor.

To ensure the talent is perfect for the script, free auditions are offered by all male and females listed at the site. Running on technology specifically built for the company, a client is able to have their script in the hands of hundreds of voice talent within a few minutes, and then receive custom recordings of their script within one hour.

The Voice Realm Australia Manager, Tom Lamont says that bookings are doubling week on week. “We are being utilized by some of Australia biggest agencies and production companies, helping them and their advertising sound absolutely stellar. Our roster continues to grow and we are forging ahead securing exclusive deals with a number of national radio networks to provide voice talent for commercials and radio imaging.”

In recent weeks the company has provided talent for Heineken, Coca Cola, Telstra Stores, Paramount Pictures and many more.

Australian female voice over artist Dani Bellamy says “The Voice Realm makes the process of securing quality jobs simple and pain free.  I have never had an agent in the conventional sense of the word, nor have I needed one.  Traditionally voice talent with agency representation has tended to get the better jobs, so for those of us out there on our own, it is really good to have an organisation like The Voice Realm doing what they can to secure some of that work for us freelancers.”

It’s not just multi-national companies that are finding the benefits of casting online rewarding, small business can now use the same voices on their on-hold messages as the ‘big boys’. Rates using the QUICKcast feature start at just $55.

Lamont says they’re able to cut costs and pass on savings due to lower overheads and streamlining resources. “All our rates include the use of the voice talent’s professional studio. That in itself can run into hundreds of dollars. There are no hidden fees or surprises, all rates are clear and are calculated by the length of the script, not by studio time.”

While many industries are seeing a steady decline, the advent of iPhone and iPad apps along with the growth of video games has resulted in a boom for voice actors, as many of these applications require a human voice.

The Voice Realm Australia is the leading online voice casting website in Sydney and Melbourne, with over 50 bookings being placed weekly. Live agents are available via the chat feature, and customer support staff are located around the world including Melbourne, London and Los Angeles, allowing for 24/7 dedicated support.



Ford — The Blue Oval — It is first on race day and the epitome of versatility. Model T’s Model A’s, F-100 series trucks, and the Mustang. Ford is famous from scenes in Hollywood or for being what you got shoved into after the celebration of your high school reunion. Ford is ingrained in New England in a manner comparable only to the Red Sox, Pats, Bruins, Celts, and Dunkin’ Donuts, the Quincy born purveyor of addictive caffeinated bliss.

An area of the country modernly planted in technology, style, and hard-working ingenuity intimately parallels the modern Ford. Ford is like New England. The F-Series is built strong and not afraid of dirt. The Focus can handle an afternoon on Newbury Street or a jaunt up to CannonMountain for first tracks. The Escape can haul the kids to school in the morning and take you out for an evening dinner. While the C-MAX and Ford’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid line can improve your environmental footprint and increase your MPG’s.

Our dreams were built featuring images of tires billowing smoke and Crown Victoria’s chasing after you (but never catching you because it’s our dream and yeah jail isn’t a part of it). Ford has been ingrained in us like following the Red Sox through a century long drought and celebrating victories like no other time in our lives (weddings included). We all have our dream Ford. It’s part of life as it should be and as traditional as The Beanpot. Ford competes for our hearts like the teams do on the ice. Sometimes shattering and ruining our dreams by missing the net. Other times leading us to glory and holding a moment in our hearts forever.

Over the last few years, Ford has really diversified its portfolio and flipped the script from being the rental car of dread, the blue lights flashing behind you, or your grandmother’s car to now being the car of choice for all. Ford is now more than the work horse F-Series truck line.

I was inspired to write this article after my recent purchase of a new Ford Fusion Titanium in Massachusetts. I have now driven the new Fusion for almost 2 months and I am absolutely thrilled with the purchase. I purchased the vehicle at Muzi Ford in Needham and from the moment I walked in the door I realized that I have been fan my whole life because the brand embodies New England.

We New Englanders like our vehicles like we like ourselves. Tough, determined, intelligent, caring, and durable.  Whether it’s work or play Ford is there for you. Go further with Ford. Go make memories. Drive your own Bullet Mustang. Make sure your kids get to school on time with your explorer event through a nast Nor’Easter. Get better MPG’s than ever in your C-MAX hybrid. Ford has it for you.