The Best Way to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood FloorsI know a lot of homeowners that are extremely proud of the hardwood floors they have in their house. And let’s be honest – they should be proud, as there aren’t many things more elegant and classic than having nice, shiny wood floors across your home. Unfortunately, many of these people are clueless when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them, so I thought it would be helpful to lay out a couple of tips.

Invest in a quality vacuum. Yes, believe it or not, there are vacuum cleaners designed specifically for hardwood floor cleaning. You want to buy one that does NOT have a cleaning brush, or, at minimum has an on/off switch for that cleaning brush. Why, you ask? Because a cleaning brush will scratch your floors! You also want one that is relatively lightweight, so you don’t find yourself having to drag your heavy vacuum across the wood.

Cleaning solution. Many people think they have to clean their wood floors with super strong cleaning solutions and chemicals. Wrong! These chemicals attack the integrity of the wood, thus causing extreme damage. Obviously, this is not what we want. Did you know that the most effective cleaning “solution” for cleaning wood floors is actually simple soap and water? Yeah, believe it or not – that’s often the case. A little warm water and soap should do the trick just fine. No need for expensive, harmful chemicals.

Basic house rules. This one I like to file under “common sense” – call me old fashioned, but in my house, everyone must remove their shoes before entering the main living area. There’s no need to bring in dirt and debris from your shoes, which in turn gets tracked onto your wood floors, thus causing scratching and damage. Further, when you’re moving furniture, obviously you do not want to drag it across your floors, taking the lazy way out, because that will most definitely cause damage as well. Again, these things seem incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to follow it.

And that’s pretty much it – when you think about it, it’s not very difficult, nor does it require much effort, to help maintain that shine and sparkle from your adored hardwood floors. You are proud of how well that make your house look, now it’s time to treat them that way.

Why Pedia Greek School Is Right For Your Child?

greek schoolIf you are looking for a school in Clayton South that teaches Greek tradition and language then there is no better choice than the Pedia Greek School. Pedia Greek School is a modern school with state of the art teaching and schooling facilities.

As evident from its name, Pedia Greek school aims to provide a best environment for learning Greek language and Greek culture. The school has well established teaching facility from Prep class to VCE. The school aims to teach the students to enjoy the Greek language and Greek tradition. The school uses innovative and modern methods to teach the students to the best of their abilities.

The teaching and school staff is extremely helpful and professional, the teaching faculty is highly qualified and accommodative as well as encouraging. The teachers encourage and motivate the students for better performance. The school principal Anastasia Lembesis is a highly qualified teacher having ample amount of experience exceeding 35 years. She is well known for management skills as well as teaching skills.

Pedia School’s philosophy is very simple, do the best for the best. School employs not only traditional teaching methods but also some out of the box teaching methods that involve fun activities and a great teaching environment. The school is one of the very few schools in Australia that have such an excellent reputation , the school has earned a lot of respect, all the parents are extremely satisfied by the school and their children’s progress.

Management team is always available to facilitate the parents, even during the classes. The school is open Monday to Saturday every week.

There is no better school that teaches the Greek tradition and culture in such an excellent and comprehensive way. Don’t waste a single moment, go for it. Please visit  for more information.

Pedia Greek School

greek schoolPedia Greek School is Clayton based Greek School in Australia that offers a fun and caring environment to learn and explore the Greek language, tradition and culture. The school offers a very safe learning environment for the students to learn all the aspects and facets of the Greek language and tradition.

The school provides comprehensive environment for student participation in school activities. The school is committed to provide excellent learning environment to understand the Greek culture. The school thrives to bring the best out of the students. The school faculty is highly qualified and professional in their profession.

School students are encouraged to participate in school activities and learning based co curriculum activities. The school uses advanced teaching methods for the students. Pedia Greek School offers age based learning for students to provide best learning opportunities for students.

School management team is there for you, even during the class timing via phone or email. The management team is always available for assistance of parents and students. Pedia School is a very modern school which aims to deliver the best environment to learn Greek. The philosophy of the school is evident from its name, PEDIA Greek School.

Pedia Greek School Curriculum:

The students are provided class based learning, the students are motivated to grow confidence and take part in a plethora of Greek based learning activities so that the students can feel and breath Greek tradition.


The school works to encourage and support the development of our students, we aim to grow and strengthen the role that Greek culture plays in the daily lives of our students and the local community.

Contact Information:

Website Link :

Facebook page :

Address : Clayton South, Victoria 3169

Contact Info :

Phone : + 39 02 82088

Best Window Installation in NJ

windows njWindows not only adds beauty to the homes and offices but also adds utility. No wall and home is complete without windows. Windows fitting and replacement involves care and expertise and there is one company that is equipped with everything required for window fitting and replacement, Replacement Window Pros.

Replacement Window Pros is a New Jersey based Window replacement company that has built a reputation for their professional and unparalleled service. The company provides excellent service at a very affordable service. Replacement Window Pros also offers discount to the new customers, a one of a kind offer by any replacement company in New Jersey and surroundings.

Service Highlights :

  • Professional Window Installation
  • Lead Certified Licensed Insured
  • On Time Services
  • Budget Prices
  • High Quality and Professional service
  • Free Consultation

The company not only offers free consultation but also offers advice on the glass type and quality. Replacement Window Pros is one of the few companies that provides advanced Low Energy E-Saving glass.

Company Windows & Replacement :

  • Energy Star Rated high quality windows
  • Advanced Low Energy saving glass
  • Wood interior for windows
  • Specially designed fittings for windows for easy maintenance
  • Special fitting for easy window cleaning
  • Custom sizes for windows
  • Personalized service for customers
  • Color matched fittings and grilles for personalized orders
  • Vinyl coated frames
  • Rust free vinyl frames

If you are looking for best window installation contractor in NJ, Replacement Window Pros is the best choice, a trust worthy company with a long list of satisfied customers. The company is expert in window installation and window replacement. Click here for the best window installation in NJ.


“Your business has restored my faith in the American worker. I can’t even begin to explain what its like to have a job done right the first time and such a reasonable price. Thanks Windows Pros for such a wonderful home remodeling experience” – Marty L , Jersey City

Company Details:

100 Overlook Center

Princeton, NJ 08540

609 – 246 – 0080

London’s Bespoke Cabinet Makers

cabinet maker

Furniture is like the jewellery of the house and people invest a lot of time and money for the best furniture to decorate the house or the office. The choice of furniture design and company can become a real headache if you like everything done with perfection. Furniture is and always be a necessity whether you want it for home or office. No room is complete without furniture and cabinets, and if you are in search for a premium quality >London’s Bespoke Cabinet Makers then OakMark London is the best option to consider.

Oak Mark Cabinet Makers:

Oak Mark is a London based bespoke cabinet making company that offers personalized furniture production and designed tailored to the exact customer requirements with a high quality end product at a very good price. What else can you ask for if you get a complete All in One package under one roof? Definitely you wouldn’t ask for more when Oak Mark takes the matters into their experienced hands.

OakMark don’t create furniture, they create marvels that reflects a sense of uniqueness. How does it feel to know that the furniture is created only and only for you? OakMark is not just a business, it’s an institution that has its own customs and traditions. People at OakMark give special preference of personalized requirements and high quality finished article.

The attention to detail is by far the best trait of the company’s creation, the company is well equipped to create any type of furniture, and with a team of certified and highly skilled carpenters no job is too difficult for OakMark. Company offers consultancy services and free quote to the interested people. Experienced home designers also provide valuable suggestions on design and materials, company representatives also do home visits for larger projects.

Oakmark is like a gem in the crown of London but that does not means that only the people from London can acquire their service, the company has successfully completed projects France, Spain and Europe.

Contact Info :

020 7928 1034

Deer Antler Velvet –Who Can Benefit?

antler farmsThere are many benefits to deer antler velvet that have been found since the 1930’s when papers were produced.  The biochemical effects have been amazing for young and old, athletes or the sick. In the 1960’s, Russian body builders claimed they received a great deal of benefit from this product for strength and endurance.

The young can benefit from the natural aptogen with increased blood supply and circulation.  This is needed for the rigorous training routines so the practice sessions can be more intense and last longer.  The harder the work out is, the better the performance will be.  Not only has both male and female athletes gained benefit from deer antler spray, but they report more agility and elasticity in their muscles.  The compounds are natural and give such benefits as improved muscle and bone health.  Some have reported enhanced sexual performance also which benefits people of any age.

This natural supplement has the following nutrients:  minerals, proteins, amino acids, growth factors, lipids and trace elements of cobalt, selenium, zinc and copper.  Collecting deer antler velvet to preserve these nutrients is a delicate and humane process.  It is accomplished in a small surgical suite with the male deer (buck) anesthetized.  The makers of prime quality deer antler products remove the antler 55-65 days into their growing season each summer.   The antler is growing about ¼ inch/day during this time with the essential nutrients plentiful.  The antlers are removed surgically.  Remember, the deer would lose his antlers naturally in just a few months anyway as they grow new antlers each spring.  Interestingly, the soft hair-like layer that we see on the outside of the antlers is actually not used in deer antler velvet pharmaceuticals. The spongy antler underneath from the base to the tip is the part that can be used.

Other than athletes, the ill or elderly have also gained benefit from its powers.   It helps their joints stay flexible and firms up their bones.  Antler Farms deer antler velvet promotes overall health rather than just targeting one area.  It has even been known to help reduce the feeling of mental stress along with physical stress on the body.  Improving mental health is certainly a goal of all – men and women, young and elderly.

One more attribute is its ability to help protect the immune system.  With deer antler velvet extract products, one spends less time sick.  In the event one does get ill, recovery is quicker with this added fighting power to help out the body’s natural defenses.  It helps the body heal better by reducing toxins, degeneration and reducing or alleviating aches and pains.

Deer antler velvet appears to be a good choice for anyone.  There is no specific category that is better than another.  It is a win-win for all.  Whether you are preparing for a marathon or want to build muscle fast, or if you need your own natural defenses fortified, don’t hesitate to give Antler Farms deer antler spray a try.

Is Acupuncture Right For You?

acupunctureKaty Perry’s tweet about the sushi Katy Perry she ate in a Montreal restaurant created quite a stir both online and offline.

What was so newsworthy about this particular tweet?

The special dinner created by chef and owner, Antonio Park for Katy and her friends David Burkta and Neil Patrick Harris featured sushi made from acupuncture treated fish.

Sushi and Sashimi

The chief ingredient in the popular Japanese dishes, sushi and sashimi is raw fish. So, these taste best when made from freshly caught fish. To a gourmet the experience of eating sushi is akin to savouring fine wine.

Some of the most desired qualities of the fish sourced for these dishes are

  • A sweet taste
  • Firm flesh
  • Lack of odour

But a within a few minutes of their demise, fish lose these qualities. When they are transported thousands of miles to restaurants across the world, the recipes they go into fail to deliver on authenticity.

So, how would you transport fish at its rawest best?

Fishy Coma

Kaimin Katsugyo and Chi-nuki are old Japanese acupuncture techniques that put fish into a state of induced coma in order to maintain rawness. Here’s what happens when the needles go into the fish.

  1. The treated fish is still breathing but brain dead.
  2. The nervous system is still functioning.
  3. Since the brain is dead, its messages urging decomposition does not reach the cells.

The pink snappers that arrive at Park’s restaurant appear as fresh as just netted ones. In addition, they don’t have the bruises fish acquire when they flop around in their final moments of life. The carcasses are neither mushy nor limp and the inner organs are still firm.

Is there another angle to giving fish destined for the dinner plates, the kaimin katsugyo or chi-nuki treatment?

The Trauma Angle

If you’ve read Robin Cook’s Toxin, you’ll be concerned about meat left too long in the freezer.  The book also highlights the trauma animals go through just before slaughter.

A whole new school of thought has cropped up around the theme of, trauma in the animals we slaughter for food and its effects on the people who eat it.

Putting fish into a zombie like state before slicing it up for a meal is apparently a more humane approach to relishing seafood.

To the chef who prepared Katy Perry sushi, the whole thing is about treating seafood with dignity while dishing out the freshest sushi his patrons have ever eaten.

Addiction Help Hotline Org

addiction help hotline

Drug addiction has rocked the world in recent times and the death rate due to drug consumption has increased to an alarming level. Every day someone falls a victim to this lucrative yet painful death and still more and more people are falling for drugs and alcohol. The drug usage has dramatically increased in the last few years and the most effected age group is teens and young generation. In US alone, the percentage of drug consumption amongst teens and young people have sky rocketed.

Nearly everybody knows the fatal affects of the drugs but still people don’t hesitate to consume them, people need proper guidance and awareness to get rid of it. Addiction is basically a psychological where an individual has an iterative desire to consume the drugs, the worst and strange part is the addict consumes the drugs even after having knowledge of the consequences he/she might face.

Alcohol and drug addiction can cause liver failure, cancer and heart strokes. In females, it can cause damage to the developing fetus or may intoxicate the ovary. Excessive usage of alcohol can cause brain disorder or may completely damage the brain.

The biggest and most important hurdle is to stop the addicts from consuming more drugs, it takes a lot of effort and time to bring back an addict to normal life. The society is actively taking measures to facilitate drug addicts to bring them back to normal and healthy lives. The Addiction Hotline is one of the very active participants in helping individuals and families to help them with their loved ones who have fallen a victim to this deadly habit. If you need any kind of help or assistance related to Addiction treatment then the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hotline is just a call away, the hotline service provides expert advice and assistance for rehabilitation program and process.

Call now : (855) 917-4624 – Visit for more!

Vogue Music Events – Music For Unforgettable Moments

vogue music events
No wedding or a party is complete without the inclusion of music. Music has become a necessary part of every function whether it is a wedding ceremony, a private party, a fundraiser, a fashion event or even a corporate event. If you are to arrange an event and you need a music company then there is no better than the Vogue Music Events.

Vogue Music Events is the one of the leading company in America known for its superb music and style for wedding events, corporate events, Fundraisers, Private parties and Weddings. The company was founded in New York but its covers the states of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The company’s excellent service and hard work has been a highlight of their professional career. The company has earned a lot of respect and reputation amongst the people due to their excellent and perfect service for event.

The company specializes to deal with each and every type of function, their capabilities and hard work has helped him reach out as far as California, Massachusetts and Florida. The company is not also rewarded by their customer but also acclaimed by the big guns of the market. Vogue Music Events has successfully performed in the programs organized by market’s famous companies like ESPN, Hennessy, Disney and McKenzee & Company.

Some of the mainstream events VME has performed.

  • Hilton Midtown
  • Jazz at Linchon
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York
  • Beverly Hilton at Beverly Hills
  • The Intrepid Museum
  • Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

VME has a unique thing about them, they are proven professionals for every kind of music, and whether it is classical music or a nice rhythmic beat. The company offers any size of group ranging from duo, trio or quartet to a larger chamber orchestra including piano, string, wind, brass and percussion instruments.

Vogue Music Events always thrive to get better and serve better, customer satisaftion is their utmost priority and they never compromise it. If you are looking for a similar service then Vogue Music Events is the proven and best option.

Company Details:

P.O. Box 6113, Astoria, NY 11106

+1 (917) 536 1800

Addiction Hotline – Who To Contact In a Time Of Need

addition help

Excessive usage of drugs and alcohol is a common thing these days and every passing day youth is heavily attracted by drugs and alcohol. Drug usage percentages have rapidly increased all over America and the especially the Youth is consuming more and more drugs every passing minute.

Excessive usage of drugs and alcohol leads towards addiction and once a person is addicted to drugs it’s a mammoth task to bring him to the normal conditions once again. The situation is alarming as the majority of addicts are teens and vast majority of people are suffering from alcoholic disorder. Drugs and alcohol affects nearly every human organ and they can damages human organs. Excessive drug usage can also damage a developing fetus. Alcohol is a poison for brain, it can alter brain functionality or disturb the usual functionalities. It can also cause liver failure, cancer and heart strokes. The death toll due to alcohol consumption is rising all across the world and the situation is worst in America.

Drug and alcohol addicts need proper rehabilitation to restore balance both in mind and body. Drug addicts need proper care and guidance to get them back on to the track. Alcohol and Drug addiction hotlines were developed to help the needy individuals and families to get proper help and guidance on the addiction problems and to answer most of the issues related to addicts and addiction.

If anyone around you is facing any kind of addiction problem then the solution lays just a phone call away. Addiction hotline is available for your help 24/7, the facility provides expert opinion and a solution related to the addiction and holds a record of every rehab treatment center near to your vicinity. Get the help you and your family needs with just one phone call.

CALL NOW : (855) 956-9637 - visit

Wondering where to get instagram likes at cheap prices?

instagram likesWhen you are looking to buy cheap instagram likes , you are going to be able to look in many different places. You have the chance to get really a good service from a company that may be right under your nose and you don’t know it. When you want to buy followers on Instagram you have to:

1. You Need To Surf The Internet – You are going to find a lot of different types of things that you are going to be able to do on the internet, but many feel that you can’t get quality from it when looking to buy your likes. However, you are going to find a lot of sites which are great quality and will not take advantage of you.

2. You Should Go To A Forum – With a forum, you are going to talk to several people who have worked with companies selling Instagram likes. You can talk with them to find the best one there . However, you have to make sure that they are not your competitor as they will only give you false information.

It is always a nice “rule of thumb” to make sure that all information you get on a certain subject is backed up with proof. You can’t take the word of a stranger because you don’t know if they are only trying to get you away from it. If they tell you to go to a different place and tell you the benefits of it, chances are, they are working for someone else.

The Benefits of Astaxanthin, Nature’s Strongest Antioxidant

healthAstaxanthin is one considered as a group of pigments known as xanthophylls, a subcategory of the carotenoid. Carotenoids are produced by both plants and creatures as a major survival mechanism aspect. In plants, carotenoids go about as a common sunscreen, securing them from ultraviolet light from the sun utilizing the carotenoid’s regular cell reinforcement properties.

Ocean creatures with a red or pinkish color, for example, salmon, lobster, shrimp and crab get this shade from an eating regimen of krill and other little life forms that consume green growth and tiny fish.

A standout amongst the most effective profits of astaxanthin is best exhibited by salmon swimming upstream to produce. They regularly go without sustenance for quite some time, drawing on their own stores while swimming upstream. It’s is credited for giving salmon the persistence they have to perform this accomplishment.

Nature’s Strongest Antioxidant

Astaxanthin has been demonstrated in the lab to be the strongest characteristic cell reinforcement known. It has been measured to be ordinarily more powerful in a few routes than vitamin E or vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutein or pycnogenol.


  • arrives at into all aspects of the cell, all around
  • crosses the blood-cerebrum hindrance to secure the mind and sensory system
  • crosses the blood-retinal hindrance and bring insurance to the eyes
  • works in all aspects of your body, organs and skin

Benefits include:

Irritation is your body’s reaction against contamination and the component it utilizes for repairing harmed tissue. While intermittent aggravation is an ordinary, solid procedure, perpetual irritation might be crushing. An alternate term used to portray this condition is systemic, or “quiet” aggravation.

This ceaseless aggravation is currently being related with asthma and joint pain, as well as with infirmities, for example, atherosclerosis, strokes, ulcers, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s illness, growth, diabetes and that’s just the beginning. It has demonstrated to be an effective weapon in the fight against irritation.

Astaxanthin for Joint Pain

It has been demonstrated to be an exceptionally successful solution for different sorts of joint torment, including tennis elbow, carpal passage disorder, joint inflammation, and joint soreness after strenuous activity. Astaxanthin can help decrease ache and aggravation in tendons, joints and muscles.

Astaxanthin – the Serious Athlete’s Secret Weapon

The profits of astaxanthin for genuine players are critical. Customary clients report that supplementing with astaxanthin:

  • increments quality and stamina
  • decreases recuperation time
  • avoids joint and muscle soreness after activity
  • decreases lactic corrosive levels

Numerous aggressive and continuance players have gotten to be devotees to astaxanthin supplements for the majority of the above reasons.

Astaxanthin for Youthful, Beautiful Skin

A standout amongst the most habitually reported profits of astaxanthin is a change in skin quality. There is proof that this cancer prevention agent keeps UV sun harm from happening, as well as may really help to invert outer indications of maturing from the back to front. This has been obviously showed in human clinical trials.

Numerous clients report that they can invest altogether more of an opportunity out in the sun without blazing than they could some time recently. This is because of the influential calming properties that astaxanthin has (a sunburn is basically an aggravation of your skin).

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, one of the world’s heading antiaging masters, exceedingly suggests astaxanthin for diminishing wrinkles and age spots, enhancing dampness levels, flexibility and smoothness, and for giving your skin an excellent, solid sparkle. A few corrective makers have started to utilize this compelling cancer prevention agent as a fixing in facial and body creams to give UV security and mend harmed skin.

Other Reported Benefits

The profits of astaxanthin blanket essentially the whole range accessible from cancer prevention agents. Aside from those awhile ago specified, here are some different profits:

  • Helps invulnerable body by expanding antibodies
  • aides anticipate heart assaults
  • aides keep the launch of disease cells
  • aides counteract macular degeneration
  • helps keep Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • standardizes circulatory strain
  • soothes prostate issues
  • provides for you better imperviousness to colds
  • forestalls and mitigates diabetes
  • forestalls gum ailment
  • upgrades conceptive wellbeing
  • ensures the eyes and skin from UVA and UVB harm
  • ensures all parts of the cells from oxidative harm

Supplementing with Astaxanthin

As should be obvious from the exhaustive arrangement of profits, astaxanthin is surely a standout amongst the most critical cancer prevention agents you could add to your every day diet. You may significantly consider putting it at the highest priority on your rundown – its that effective and adaptable. Since the sums you would get from nourishment sources are exceptionally restricted – just around 2 mg. It’s supplements are the best way to get all the profits of this astonishing cancer prevention agent. For more Information please click here and visit our website!

Independent Music Promotions – About the company

music productions

Are you looking for a music promotion company to promote your master piece to world? Are you looking for a Music PR company that adds something extra to help you get recognized by the world? If you are looking for these answers then there is no better company than the Independent Music Promotions. Independent Music Promotions is a DIY Music PR company that solely focuses on “music with depth”.

The company was founded by the current CEO James Moore in 2010, author of the best selling music marketing book series titled as “Your Brand Is A Virus”, IMP do exactly what they advertise, it’s not just a website, it’s an established company. The company works with the best and for the best, the company has unique motto “music” and they literally mean it.

Your music must have an essence of quality and depth in it, as the company does not accepts low quality demo music, no adult contemporary music.

What Do They Offer?

Once you have availed the services of the company, they will assist you from till the dead end, the company has a very long list of satisfied customers and holds a very respectable status amongst the music industry. The company offers music PR campaigns for artists and bands of every genre. The campaign includes

  • CD reviews
  • Press interviews
  • Video Publicity
  • Blog posts
  • Magazines features
  • And much more

The company guarantees fruitful results after the campaign, artists having low amounts of press are often considered as newbie in the industry and IMP focuses on the press and publicity and gives the artists a much needed boost and recognition.


“James helped us to give our farewell album a sendoff to be remembered. He brought in over 15K new ears, from all over the world, for one last, sublime hurrah. Steven Lusher

“I had pretty high expectations when I originally talked with James about working my album. James exceeded those expectations. Darryl Mccarty

Company Details:

Independent Music Promotions

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia

Contact :

Full service private investigation agency

private-investigatorTulsa, OK – Local private investigation company Sulivant & Sulivant Investigations is offering free consultations for anyone in need of investigative services.

The highly regarded private investigators at the company are well trained, experienced and ready to serve loyal previous clients and new clients who seek their expertise.

Sulivant & Sulivant Investigations offer a vast array of services, such as background investigations, surveillance, skip tracing, missing person’s locating, blackmail cases, live GPS tracking, child custody issues, vehicle location/recovery, attorney support services, corporate investigations, fraud cases, armed executive protection and more.

Sulivant & Sulivant Investigations is fully licensed, bonded and insured private investigative agency dedicated to helping its clients by various means necessary and proudly serves the city of Tulsa and other cities and towns, including, Sperry, Jenks, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Oakhurst and Sapulpa. Their office is located at 201 W 5th St Suite 520, Tulsa, OK 74103. Learn more full service private investigation agency online.

Independent Music Promotions – Get Heard!

music productions

Some say music is the life and some say it’s the voice of the soul, indeed it is more than something to the human mind. Whether you are just a huge fan of music or you are an artist yourself, you always enjoy listening to music and this is a popular industry. There are so many artists entering the music industries and if you wish to enter the industry you must be distinct, but often it is difficult to stand out of the crowd and be recognized. Your skills and talent Is rare and you must be recognized by the world, this is exactly the motto of Independent Music Promotions.

Independent Music Promotions is a music PR company working exclusively with “music with depth” worldwide. We guarantee results because we are not like every other music promotion company. The company was founded back in 2010 by the CEO Steve James Moore, the author of best selling music marketing book series “Your Brand Is a Virus”.

As soon as you contact us your problems are our problem, we go an extra mile with our clients and stay till the very end. We have a long list of satisfied clients and successful musicians.

We Promote

  • Full length albums
  • EP’s
  • Singles
  • Music videos

Our Aim

  • Generate high amounts of press
  • Reach out magazines
  • Reach out News papers
  • Reach out music blogs
  • Reach out Podcasts
  • Reach out websites
  • Reach out radio
  • Reach out internet radio

We have worked with some of most renowned musicians, artists, singers, bands and companies on the internet. We aim to provide you a perfect exposure and marketing platform for your success.

Company Details:

Independent Music Promotions

Location: Vancouver, British Colombia

Contact :