Best DUI Lawyer in New Mexico

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I felt compelled to write this client review or testimonial because had it not for Atty. Stephen D. Aaron, I would have been served jail time because of my DUI case.
It was actually my third DUI offense, so I was sure I would end up behind bars. That time, I was dealing with some personal problems. But before I figured out what to do to get back on my feet, I was slapped with this DUI case.

I’m not comfortable around lawyers. I thought that many of them are arrogant beasts who just want your money. So when I was shopping for a DUI lawyer to take my case, I would drop the phone once I sensed even the slightest arrogance (this is also true with their assistants).

But when I was able to speak to Mr. Stephen Aaron, I knew that he was the one for my case. What I appreciate about Mr. Aaron is that he listened while I explained my history. I was immediately at ease with him and his team.

I couldn’t ask for better representation. Mr. Aaron and his team are experts in DUI cases! From the onset, they knew exactly what to do. He discussed his strategy with me, and he asked me to trust him.

The result?

As I previously said, this was my 3rd DUI case. It means that without a good defense counsel, it can equate to a minimum of 120 days in jail, not to mention the hefty fees and penalties that I had to deal with. Aside from those, I could have lost my license, which is probably the worst because I depend on my car to make a living.

But Mr. Aaron did the impossible. He successfully demonstrated a violation of my constitutional rights. When the decision was read, I couldn’t be happier. With a 0.20 BAC, I received a 9-month DUI course, minimum jail time, and lower penalties.

That said, if you’re ever in need of an attorney who can minimize the impact of your DUI cases, I highly recommend the best DUI lawyer in town, Mr. Stephen Aaron. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Mr. Aaron, for taking the time to take my case and fighting until the end. You saved my life. I was going through a rough patch, and thank goodness I didn’t end up in jail for 120 days. My situation could have gotten worse. This case was a wakeup call for me to do better in life. Please visit for more information.

Free Teen Patti

pokercardsTeen Patti is a gambling card game widely played across Indian. The game is popularly known as Indian Poker or Flush. The game was played mainly in homes as a social game, especially during the festival of Diwali. The game is now popular in S.E Asia, Middle east etc due to migration of Indians.

This popular three card poker game is played in every online casino and is also extremely well known across Indian households. As a developer, I researched the potential in Teen Patti Apps. The rules are easy to learn and the game has potential to be India’s biggest mobile game. There are many variants to this game but the game has never been experienced in a slot machine before. With the growing popularity of Slot machines on the mobile space, it made sense to make a slots game with Teen Patti rules.

The player places a bet and spins the slot machine. For every winning hand, there is an associated payout. The game works well and experiences no loading time. The animation and sound effects are appealing and add to the overall experience.

With only three cards being offered, Free Teen Patti is extremely simple and easy to learn. A deck of 52 cards is used. The objective of the game is to show a hand of higher rank and win through aggressive betting.

The success of the spin depends on the ranking of the cards:

Trail (Three of a Kind): Three cards of the same rank.

  • Pure Sequence (Straight Flush): Three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Sequence (Straight): Three consecutive cards not all in the same suit.
  • Color (Flush): Three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence.
  • Pair (Two of a Kind): Two cards of the same rank.
  • High Card: A hand which lands an Ace of Spade.

Teen Patti is a must play for anyone who enjoys card games like Uno, Rummy, Poker etc.

Helping Your Aging Parents Through Challenges

loveAs a whole new generation of Americans approaches middle age, a number of worries are descending on them. From fighting weight gain and declining productivity to the financial challenges of paying for your kids’ college, there are numerous things on your plate when you’re in your late thirties, forties, and fifties. One area that many people fail to plan for but that cause significant issues is caring for aging parents. Whether you’re simply faced with their eccentricities or you’re combatting declining health and financial situations, aging parents are one of the top sources for stress for many Americans according to a recent survey. Here are our top tips for dealing with some of the most common issues.

Declining Health

If your parents are facing declining health, it can be heartbreaking. In addition to watching their discomfort and reduced activity levels, they’re often in pain and feeling frustration about navigating the healthcare system. Assist your parents by attending a meeting with their physician to understand the full picture of their health. Find out whether changes in diet, exercise, or other procedures could improve their quality of life. Consider looking for help with daily care, devices that make it easier to remember medicine, and other touch points that can help reduce the stress frequently associated with illness.

Failing Sight or Hearing

While changes in sight or hearing may seem less dramatic than a cancer diagnosis or finding out you have diabetes, sight loss and permanent hearing loss and what it means to you and your family may not be immediately apparent. Parents with declining senses may have to give up driving and other activities that are the hallmark of their independence. They also may have more difficulty participating in family activities, socializing with friends, and keeping up with beloved hobbies. The morale impact can be dramatic, so it’s helpful to find out what solutions may be available – like cataract surgery or hearing aids – to assist your family members in improving their quality of life.

Social Isolation

One of the most challenging aspects of aging is social isolation for many individuals. Spouses find that they pass away or that their health declines; friends retire and move to warmer climates; family members become busier with jobs and growing responsibilities associated with their own families; and the social safety need of jobs and volunteering falls away. If your parent is currently in this situation, it’s important to identify the causes. A wide variety of solutions might be appropriate. Encouraging your parent to meet new friends, take up a hobby, or volunteer could widen his or her social circle. Making family time for dinners, regular visits, or phone calls is a simple adjustments that can have a big impact. If depression is the cause, perhaps it’s time to involve a social worker or counselor.

When your parents are aging, it can be difficult to watch them go into a decline. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking a proactive interest in their health, well-being, and mental and emotional states it’s possible to help your parents enjoy their golden years in the best way possible.

About the author: Nancy Madison is a geriatric nurse in Boston, Massachusetts. She works with families to help provide the best quality of life for aging loved one. She holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts and the University of Maine.

How to Implement a BYOD Policy


As more tablets and smartphones hit the market, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for companies to provide standard issue tech gear that meets the needs of all employees. As a result, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are becoming increasingly popular at many companies. But implementing BYOD policies are not without its risks. From more complex support needs to potential security and data gaps, BYOD policies create a host of concerns for small businesses. Here’s what you need to know to successfully implement a BYOD policy in your office.

Establish a Basic Device Policy

For many firms, establishing a basic device policy is more complex than defining the range of products that your employees are happy with. Your Apple devotees may love their iPhones and iPads while some of your sales team remains committed to their Blackberries. But it’s important to review the universe of devices that exist and evaluate which ones are going to be compatible with your network. There should also be minimum baseline assessments about factors such as security, document storage, and existing policy-based management techniques.

Clarify Your Financial Policy

Companies that provide their employees with laptops, mobile phones, and tablets typically establish relationships with vendors or distributors of specific brands or models to get significant discounts. If you’re reimbursing employees for the purchase of any device they want, you may find that your average cost of a device increases from $100 per phone to upwards of $500. Therefore, establish a clear financial policy about what devices you will and will not cover; how you handle reimbursements related to devices that are off-list, if at all; and what happens to these devices when the employee relationship terminates. It’s possible that you can offer employees the right to retain their devices, to purchase them back from the company at fair market value, or require them to return them to the company. Ensure that your policies are clearly stated as you unroll your BYOD policy.

Evaluate Network and Support Concerns

Two of the biggest technical hurdles that companies with BYOD policies encounter are network compatibility and technical support concerns. There are several ways to manage this. Network compatibility typically relates to security settings and the ability of all devices to interface with existing software packages. One of the easiest ways to manage this is to look into multi-device management software. MDM software was created to help companies using a wide range of device integrate these hardware platforms into their overall networks. The second major technical issue is support concerns. Managing the range of issues that arise with different devices takes expertise and time. Asking your in-house staff to develop knowledge in all these areas may not be feasible. One option is to find approved outsource providers to service specific devices. Whatever approach you use, it’s critical that your IT management have a strategy for providing ongoing support to employees with different devices.

BYOD policies are becoming increasingly common among companies that have employees demanding the freedom to choose their own technology set up. Navigating these challenges requires extensive planning and strong policy implementation and enforcement. Does your company have experience navigating these challenges? Let us know how you’ve handled them in the comments below.

A sarong, a must-have travelling companion for women

SarongPeople naturally start flooding to the beaches and swimming pools when it gets warm outside.  They are excited to take vacations to tropical destinations or hop on a fun cruise ship to play.  Nobody wants to have the same clothes for the beach every season, so many head to the outlets and fashion stores to select accessories to complement their swimwear.  A fashionable sarong is an excellent choice to complement your style on the beach.

Sarongs and beach cover-ups are perfect while out on the dock enjoying a mai-tai and mingling amongst other friends and family.  The beachwear they have is also usually complemented with a beach sarong to cover the lower mid-section of their bodies and is very popular for evening events on the dock.

Beach cover-ups and sarongs can be universal, and women can wear these light fabric pieces with anything.  Many are wearing them as scarves with casual attire too. The fashionable sarong can be worn on the lower half would be shorts, light airy pants, and skirts.  All these types of clothing are appropriate beachwear for traveling.  Make sure you select a fun sarong for traveling abroad and for vacations at popular beach destinations.  Cover-ups and sarongs or “pareos” are popular types of beachwear clothing.

Swimwear that would be added to the beachwear wardrobe would be a short sarong or even a sarong for larger body types that are light in cooler and have a lot of design to show off.  This type of beachwear uses quality fabric and a soft waistband that doesn’t scrape the skin or fray when it gets wet. Sarongs are wonder full for a day at the beach or even carousing around the outlets.

An excellent source for a collection of Sarongs that offer comfort and style can be found on Those that wear these types of beach clothes are always feeling confident outdoors, at the beach or pool.  They are lightweight materials help to let the skin breathe and also light enough to not put heavy smothering weight on the shoulders.  Sarongs will always look good with any variations of colors and design from other articles of clothing worn at the beach or at the pool.  A Sarong is a must have for traveling and also blends in as normal casual attire for a warm nigh out.

Organic, Natural and Non-Toxic Mattress and Bedding


The word “organic” has evolved from food- or garden-related into basically all practices and products that can be said as “eco-friendly” or “all-natural.” At the grocery, it’s common to see different types of organic products available, from meat products up to fresh fruits and vegetables. At the department store, you can now shop for organic socks, clothes, and mattresses.

What are organic mattresses?

Sometimes called “natural” mattresses, these mattresses are made from 95 to 100% organic materials. Meaning, these bedroom essentials are devoid of any synthetic or harmful chemicals, perfumes, GMO, or dyes when they were manufactured.

The most common plant source from which these mattresses are derived from is cotton. However, other materials can also be used. Examples include soybean and coconut palm.

Why should you invest in organic mattresses?

Organic mattresses are ideal for newly borns, babies, and pregnant women. These individuals have the most sensitive organs (i.e., internal organs and skin), so they must be protected at all times. Most commercially advertised all-natural mattresses are free from toxic chemicals such as PVC, phthalates, and lead.

Therefore, these mattresses help protect your family from the side effects brought about by these chemicals. Aside from that, you’re doing the environment a favor.

Are these mattresses as durable as traditional mattresses? Definitely. In fact, they’re even better. For instance, these all-natural mattresses provide a superb support for infants and excellent comfort for babies. Aside from that, they are also treated with anti-microbial agents to ensure that they stay fresh and safe.

Here’s a warning though.

Organic mattresses are organic in themselves. But many users forget that some of the beddings, toys, and even cleaning agents that come in contact with these foams are not organic.

Therefore, if you want to preserve the organic nature of the mattress and keep your baby or infant protected at all times, be consistent with everything that you use, especially those that come in contact with the mattress.

Just like ordinary foams, beddings, and mattresses, organic mattresses come in different colors and sizes. The common colors include white, off-white, and ivory. Sizes vary to fit cribs and beds (twin, single, queen).

The question is, is an organic mattress Berkeley CA more expensive than ordinary mattresses? In general, yes. While some ordinary mattresses can cost less than $100, organic mattresses have a more expensive price tag depending on their features, size, and style. Those made of viscoelastic foam (i.e., tempurpedic or “nature-pedic”) can cost more. Please visit for more information.

Is there proof that God exists?

is god real
People all over the world are discussing this question: can God be proven? For the past twenty years I lived in a close relationssip with God and I have seen Him do countless amazing miracles. When I hear people say ‘it is not possible to proof that God exists’, I wonder ‘is it?’ If God is a reality, then He must be the most powerful reality there is. Because, well… He is God. He created the heavens and the earth. So if we cannot prove the existence of the most powerful person there is, we must conclude this person does not exist.

Any reality can be proven. That is pure logic. So, is it possible to prove that God exists? Of course. But we must be willing to accept the realities that prove His existence.

The Bible says that God is very powerful and His kingdom is not a kingdom of words but of power. The apostel Paul said: ‘My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.’ (1 Cornthians 2:4)

Today it is the same. I have experienced the power of God in absolutely amazing ways. One of the first ways I started experiencing God was through a handicap I had: I stammered… and I stammered really bad! Sometimes I tried to call somebody on the phone and when they picked up the phone I was silent – I simply could not speak. I sometimes came back from a store with a different product than what I wanted to buy, because I simply could not say the right word. No doctor, psychologist or any other ‘ist’ could help me. No trick or treatment brought improvement. I was doomed to live with this horrible handicap.

Then I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I started surrendering myself to the Holy Spirit. The moment the Holy Spirit started working in my life, something amazing began to happen: I started receiving messages for other people, to encourage them or to help them. Every time I shared these messages, I did not stammer. Very often in church I suddenly felt the presence of God nudging me: go to the front and say this and that. With much fear and trembling I obeyed and people were always deeply touched. Often, when I shared these words I felt the power of God flow through my body as a rush of divine energy.

Churches started to invite me to preach and everytime I stood in front of a church the stammering left and a river of words flowed out of me. In my normal life I still stammered really bad, but when I had to speak the words God gave me, His Spirit flowed through me and people always testified that their lives had been changed.

Then another amazing thing started to happen: when I prayed for people, they began to be healed. One of the first times this happened, was during a youth weekend. A young lady had a tumor in her breast. I didn’t even know this, and I prayed for her with my hand on her back, asking God to fill her with His love. The next day she came to the front of that youth group and  said that the moment I prayed for her she felt a intense heat in her breast and when she went to the bathroom afterwards to check, the tumor had dissapeared.

Since that moment many people for whom I prayed were healed by the power of God. I can list dozens of testimonies and the amazing thing is: this is happening all over the world, with litteraly millions of people. In every nation of the world there are christian ministries that experience the healing and life changing power of God.

Because God is so real, I made a website about Him, for everyone who is open to discover this reality.

The homepage: GOD IS REAL

Evidence for the existence of God: PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS

David Sorensen

Special Occasions Decorated With Beautiful Flowers

spring flowers

Flowers are something that makes an event a special and elegant look. People decorate their parties and special occasions with the delicate gifts of nature. For each event planned, there is a theme; flowers are arranged and decorated according to that. If you are somewhere in the premises of The United Kingdom, getting the right flowers at the right time and place is not an issue. The flower delivery UK is very well handled by UK flowers online, a company that deals in bringing you the flowers you need right at your door.


UK Flowers Online is a company dedicated to full filling your needs at your ease. Either you want to send flowers to your loved ones or get them; for an event the company does it for you. The network of florist is spread all over UK, so you can just contact from which ever city you belong. They have an amazing collection of flowers including birthday flowers, special occasion flowers or the spring arrivals. You can order a same day or the next day delivery. Flower Delivery UK helps you sort out the flowers by type, color, occasion and price.


The company is the best flower delivery UK who pick up your order and deliver it where needed.  They are open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday making the most beautiful bouquets for your loved ones. Once you make an order, you are assured of its same day delivery before 2pm. This makes them one of the most suitable for lightening up the big days of your beloved. Your order is assured to reach on time, so you can be sure you are not missing things.


To order on the website, you need to create an account first that is very simple. Once you are done with it, you can check the offers they make and add them to your wish list. After making sure you have added all you want, you can set up a delivery. Also, the account makes you keep a check on your previous orders. You can also make a guest check out and set up a delivery method.

The company makes the flower delivery UK very simple and helps you celebrate the special events with grace. There vast range of flowers fit all the occasions you need flowers for.  Your queries are always welcomed by them and the agents get in contact with you on chat or via email. Please visit for more information.


online SEO marketing experts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique by which you can make people see your website and get plenty of visitors. Many websites provide SEO services to their clients in exchange for money. A business or a blog existing online must realize the importance of SEO, if it wants to survive on the internet and get known. SEO services, basically, help your content appear on the top of search results which means it has more chances to be opened by users. When a thing is widely opened on Google, it gets in trend and becomes known.


SEO assist can be your choice for getting the best SEO services for your website. The UK bases company specializes in providing you the best and unique content for you web with a full time customer support. They are dedicated to growing your business rather than just making money, that is why the support system is free and you can inquire about anything you need.

SEO assist can get the packages you can afford and help your webpage stand at a better position. The SEO services you utilize will help in your social media marketing too. You can take the services of the company and see the visible results right away.

The company helps hundreds of companies to get more on the search engines by making their search engine rankings better.


People might ask how they get to be on the top of search engines when there are so many competitors around. This can be done by:

  • Writing the content with keywords related to the business. These are the words which are wide in search over the internet. When your web content has them, it would appear in the top searches.
  • By placing the right words in your web content and blogs, the company intends to take your business to the top. The formula is simple; the more on the top you content appears upwards on the search engines, the more often it is visited. This means people will make dealing with you and your company will no longer be unknown to the world.

SEO services are helpful in the optimization of your website and it gets best when you hire a good and reliable company for it. SEO assist offers affordable packages and quality content that can help your business reach the skies. Please visit to learn more.

Get the best Raspberry Ketones via

health dietRaspberry ketones are basically the natural phenolic compounds that are the prime whiff compound in the red raspberries. The compound is said to be very effective and that’s why is very wide in demand. Keeping in view its very low natural abundance, raspberry ketone is now prepared industrially by a plenty of methods. Many industries are on its productions as the compound is wide in demand.


Coming towards the usage of raspberry ketone one can find many.

  • The one of the major uses, raspberry ketone is used for, is weight lost. People order the compound all over the world to get their body back to its structure. The good thing about it is that the compound does not have any side effects, at least not proven yet.
  • Other than this raspberry ketones are used in cosmetics precuts and perfumes. The compound has a mesmerizing and consuming scent.
  • Other than this, raspberry ketones are used in the food additives to give them a fruity odor. It is one of the perfect natural taste component used in the food business.


The price of the natural raspberry ketone can cost up to $20,000 per kilogram. The synthetic compound is cheaper relatively and can be ordered online. Amazon offers the compound for as low as 12.99 dollars. The web is selling a bottle of 120 capsules with 500 mg of premium raspberry ketones. You can take the pill as a supplement for your weight loss in a very reasonable amount. The capsule is claimed to be made in USA enriched with the best extractions of raspberry ketone.


Well, to get the delivery of your desired product, you have to select a method suitable for you. Urgent delivery would be definitely charged more than a normal one. You can select how much you need seeing that each bottle has 120 capsules and add them to your cart.

Amazon being a good and reputable website is sure to deliver you the right product. To be sure, you get the quality product; check on the customer reviews on it, which are 4 out of 5 stars to the average. Considering it the right compound for you, order raspberry ketones and in – budget rates and full fill your needs of weight loss. The product is certified by good manufacturing practice (GMP) and can also be ordered gift packed.


The music video of the song ‘what was yesterday’ is produced by a German band named ‘My Secret Island’. The genre of the song is alternative rock, or you might say crossover. The video is a perfect blend of mystery and horror. The lyrical and thought provoking song is from the new album of the band and has got a plenty of reviews.


The video captures a man, who seems like a soldier, trying to find a place to hide in. He finds a woman on his way and follows her to a creepy place. The place is more like a cell which withholds prisoners and the woman is described as the wife to the doctor behind her. They turn the man in to the zombie by injecting him with something and he goes wild.


The video has a very deep meaning in it if you see it from the start. The beginning tells that the year at present is 2031 and the world has not been the place it used to be. All the earth is devastated and there is no sign of humanity and mankind. The lines suggest that people think only wars and fights are the worst parts but they don’t think what is ahead of us. The nuclear wars in the world have changed the shape of mankind and now they are in a completely different situation. The few survivors of the war are finding their way to establish a life.

The survivors of the earth shown in the video are living in totally different circumstances than before the nuclear destruction. The people left don’t know what they have done to themselves and are continuously creating problems for them. The vision of the whole world is changes starting with houses burned down and people turned into zombies.


‘What was yesterday’ is a timeless zombie music video with a post-apocalyptic touch. The whole idea behind the video is very deep. It tries to give people a sneak peak in to the world coming after us. It suggests that the nuclear war is a major threat and after that people will be deformed. Also a point shown there is that people are creating destruction for themselves. The mankind has created weapon of their own destruction, about which they thing they are successful. Even the war has caused much ruins the leftovers are more dangerous.




How to Make a Move into An Executive Role

stock tradingThe road from individual contributor to management is a very personal path. Learning to manage staff, direct strategy, and have responsibility for profit and loss requires a vastly different mindset than being responsible for the execution of technical or financial tasks, for example. Once a manager transitions into an executive role, such as Director, Vice President, or C-level executive, there are a number of steps that they can take to solidify their position and help shore up areas where they need to develop their expertise. The following tips are designed to help a new executive make the most of their first sixty days in office.

Consider hiring a coach

Whether you are a Vice President of Sales or an executive at an asset management firm, an executive coach can help you make the transition. Experienced executive coaches have strong pattern recognition that they bring to bear on leadership changes and helping guide managers into executive roles. Coaches identify the invisible scripts that are holding you back, provide a helpful sounding board, and can advise you on how to navigate tricky situations. If you have specific knowledge gaps in your skillset, a functional coach can also advise and train you in any area from marketing to finance. Seek recommendations from mentors and trusted colleagues; word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to find a coach that’s right to you.

Talk to your staff

When a new executive moves into their current position, they typically bring a variety of preconceptions and beliefs into the role. However, one of the most important steps that you can take in this role is to consult the existing staff. From senior resources to rising stars, each of your employees will offer a different perspective on your department’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. While ultimately you’ll need to set your department’s direction on your own, consulting your colleagues can create good will among the staff, give you critical insights, and shorten your learning curve significantly. Use the expertise and vision that’s already at play in your staff to improve your performance.

Set and maintain professional development goals

It is important in a new position to not lose sight of the fact that while your department and job are likely to require a significant amount of focus, you need to keep your own professional goals in sight. In what areas do you want to grow, both to perform better in your job and to lay the foundation for your next move? Identify skills you need to develop as well as stretch goals for you to aspire to while you work your way through your position. With this vision in mind, you’ll be able to identify the right professional goals for your future career evolution and put together a professional development plan that gets you there.

The first few months in a new executive position can be a challenge for even the most seasoned leaders. By identifying your priorities, connecting with staff, and getting needed support, you’ll set yourself up to thrive. What tips do you have for succeeding in a new leadership role? Let us know in the comments below.

About the author: Rose Johnson is a business journalist covering trends in industry, technology, and marketing. Her current project is a book on managing executive transitions in a wide range of opportunities.

Why Choose Urgent care over ER

health careVIP Urgent Care has recently opened in Tarzana, CA. The urgent care facility is run by board certified physicians with emergency room experience. Their state of the art facility provides the latest in urgent care procedures including in house x-rays and testing.

Many people are discovering the advantages urgent care facilities offer when compared to a hospital emergency room visit.

When you break a bone, cut yourself or are sick and need to see a doctor right away, rushing to a hospital emergency room may not be your best option. Emergency Rooms are often overcrowded and visits are extremely expensive. If your emergency is not viewed as an imminent life threatening emergency, you may find yourself waiting hours for care.

In order to address this growing problem a number of urgent care facilities have sprouted up throughout the country. Urgent care facilities offer shorter wait times and the average bill is only a couple hundred dollars.

Still there are precautions and things that a consumer needs to be aware of before visiting an urgent care center. Here are a few questions to ask before visiting an urgent care center.

  1. Who will be providing the care? Many urgent care centers don’t use board certified physicians. It is a good idea to call ahead to see who will be providing your care.
  2. Do they offer in house x-rays and labs? When you are not feeling well the last thing you want is to be shuffled around from one office to another to get tests and x-rays.
  3. What condition is the office in? A clean comfortable environment with a friendly staff is important. A poorly maintained facility may be an indicator of the doctor’s approach toward care. Check online photos to make sure the facility is well maintained.
  4. When should I go to an ER instead? Urgent care facilities can treat most conditions however, if you experience crushing chest pains or other life threatening conditions you should call 911 immediately.


-        Here are some additional symptoms that may indicate an emergency room visit is required:

  • Signs of a heart attack, such as chest pain.
  • Signs of stroke, such as sudden onset of numbness in the arms or legs
  • Severe shortness of breath
  • Poisoning
  • Head injury
  • Coughing up or vomiting blood
  • Suicidal or homicidal feelings

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act hospital Emergency Rooms have been reporting that there are more and more people coming to them for treatment. The increased workload has stressed hospital staff and resources. Urgent care is an excellent alternative that hospitals welcome.

If you live in the San Fernando valley and are looking for a first class experience and want to be treated by doctors who are board certified you should take a look at VIP Urgent Care.

Learn more at

Put Your Phone in the Ultimate Car Mode

car phoneEver had a near incident when trying to use your phone while driving ? Well help is at hand. I found an app called Ultimate Car Dock, which literally puts your phone in Car Mode, as it is fully voice automated.

None of us ever want an incident when driving, but let’s face it, we all want to answer that potential “all important call” when it comes in – whether we are driving or not !

Well Ultimate Car Dock is the answer. This app does everything you would want to do with your phone by voice control, while your hands are safely on the steering wheel.

It will announce calls, and read out texts, which you can then answer or reject vocally. There is the capacity to have up to 30 of your phone apps running through ultimate car dock. For example you can start or stop music and use your navigation system,  all by voice – and the voice recognition software is top notch.

So no more one eyed, and one handed steering !!!!

The setting are quite comprehensive which makes this app attractive to a wide market as you can adapt it your own individual needs. For example it will run beautifully in the background and just handle your texts and calls if you have the need for another app in the foreground.

This app is so far ahead of the rest it recently caught the attention of an IBM software vice president, who not only included it in a blog post, but suggested he uses it himself. How is that for a recommendation !

The developers are in the league of the” fair and the fabulous.” They give you a week’s FREE trial before you have to decide to purchase it or not – My advice is purchase it, and then convince everyone else you know with a drivers licence to do the same – Lets make the roads a safer place to drive …

Get Discounts Without Bargaining

shoppingTired of going to the market, finding your favourite product and fighting to get it at the right price? Well, online shopping has an answer to the long process of bargaining to get discounts, “Coupon Codes”.

Indian online market is evolving and buyers are increasing everyday. With the surge in online shopping, buyers are gunning for discounted or discontinued items that can be bought over the web but not in the offline space. Coupon codes play a vital role in inviting new buyers and keeping re-visiting buyers happy. Coupon codes not only keep the buyers happy, but also allow sellers to gain higher profits by selling in large numbers.

Coupons are therefore becoming one of the more popular marketing strategies in the e-commerce space. It is also very convenient for all online shoppers and even online retailers to offer discounts.

Online coupon codes also enable shoppers to shop during anytime of the year without waiting for the festive season in which sellers offer huge discounts. With discounts available 24x7x365 from the comfort of home, it’s a hard to resist deal.

Coupons however remain active for a small duration, sometimes in months or even days. For someone looking to shop online, it takes some time finding the right coupons for yourself that’ll get you the best deal, but it is definitely way more easier than bargaining with adamant shopkeepers. However, in time, buyers get used to online surfing for coupons and will get the right websites that offer genuine coupon codes.

Regular shoppers can also sign up for mailing list of your favorite e-commerce. At times, e-commerce portals make special stores and products available at a special discount to a limited set of buyers that are already registered with them.

Another benefit of going online for shopping is the monopoly of such portals for certain products that cant be found in the offline space.

Coupons are a great way to save, it is convenient and easy to find. It is also very easy to apply the coupon as you simply need to log on the website of the seller, go to the shopping cart and put the coupon code. So, you need not be a techie to crack the best discounts, its just a baby’s play once you find the right coupon code.

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